58 How Can Man’s Sinful Nature Be Changed?


The sins of man could be forgiven through the sin offering,

but as for just how man can be made to sin no more,

and how his sinful nature may be extirpated completely and transformed,

he has no way of solving this problem, no way of solving this problem.

The sins of man were forgiven,

and this is because of the work of God’s crucifixion,

but man continued to live within his corrupt satanic disposition of old.

This being so, man must be completely saved

from his corrupt satanic disposition,

from his corrupt satanic disposition,

so that his sinful nature may be completely extirpated,

never to develop again,

thus enabling the disposition of man to be transformed.


This would require man to grasp the path of growth in life,

to grasp the way of life, and to grasp the way to change his disposition.

Furthermore, it would require man to act in accordance with this path,

so that his disposition may gradually be changed

and he may live under the shining of the light,

so that all that he does may be in accord with the intentions of God,

so that he may cast off his corrupt satanic disposition,

and so that he may break free from Satan’s influence of darkness,

thereby emerging fully from sin.

Only then will man receive complete salvation.


That is why in this stage of work

God uses the word to expose the corrupt disposition of man,

causing him to practice in accordance with the right path,

in accordance with the right path.

This stage is more meaningful than the previous one,

as well as more fruitful,

for now it is the word that directly supplies man’s life

and enables the disposition of man to be completely renewed;

it is a much more thorough stage of work, a much more thorough stage of work.

Therefore, the incarnation in the last days

has completed the significance of God’s incarnation

and completely finished God’s management plan for man’s salvation.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

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