75 The Judgment of God’s Word Is to Save Man


Though God’s words may be stern, they are all said for man’s salvation,

as God is only speaking words and not punishing man’s flesh.

These words cause man to live in the light, to know that the light exists,

to know that the light is precious, the light is precious,

and even more so, to know how beneficial these words are to them,

as well as to know that God is salvation.

Though God has uttered many words of chastisement and judgment,

what they represent has not been done unto you in deed.

He has come to do His work and to speak His words,

and though His words may be strict,

they are spoken in judgment of your corruption

and your rebelliousness, your rebelliousness.

The purpose of God’s doing this

remains to save man from Satan’s power;

God is using His words to save man.

God’s purpose is not to harm man with His words.

His words are stern in order to achieve results in His work.

Only through such work can man come to know themselves

and break away from their rebellious disposition.


The greatest significance of the work of words

is allowing people to put the truth into practice after having understood it,

to achieve changes in their disposition, to gain knowledge of themselves,

and to gain knowledge of the work of God.

Only doing the work by way of speaking words

can make possible the communication between God and man,

and only words can explain the truth.

Working in this way is the best means

of conquering man, conquering man;

apart from the utterance of words,

no other method is capable of giving people a clearer understanding

of the truth and the work of God.

Thus, in His final stage of work, God speaks to man, God speaks to man

in order to unlock for them all the truths and mysteries

that they do not yet understand, do not yet understand,

allowing them to gain from God the true way and the life,

thereby satisfying His intentions, His intentions.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Should Put Aside the Blessings of Status and Understand God’s Intention to Bring Salvation to Man

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