109 God’s Three Stages of Work for Saving Mankind


The three stages of work are a record of God’s entire work

and of God’s salvation of mankind, and they are not imaginary.

If you truly wish to seek a knowledge of God’s entire disposition,

you must know the three stages of God’s work;

you must not omit any stage.

This is the minimum that must be achieved by those who seek to know God.

Man himself cannot fabricate a true knowledge of God.

This is not something man himself can imagine,

nor is it the consequence of the Holy Spirit’s special favor

granted to a single person.

Rather, it’s a knowledge that comes after man has experienced God’s work;

it’s a knowledge of God that only comes after experiencing the facts of God’s work.

Such a knowledge can’t be gotten readily,

and nor is it something that can be taught.

It is wholly related to personal experience.


God’s salvation of mankind is at the core of these three stages of work,

yet within the salvation work are included

several methods of working,

and several means by which God’s disposition is expressed.

This is what’s most difficult for man to identify,

and it’s difficult to understand.

The separation of the ages, changes in God’s work,

changes in the location of work,

changes in the recipient of this work, and so on—

these are all included in the three stages of work,

these are all included in the three stages of work.

In particular, the difference in the Holy Spirit’s way of working,

and alterations in God’s disposition,

image, name, identity, or other changes,

are all part of the three stages of work.

The three stages of work are the whole of God’s work in saving man.

Man must know God’s work and disposition in the work of salvation;

without this fact, your knowledge of God consists of nothing,

nothing but hollow words, but hollow words,

nothing more than armchair pontification.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God

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