149 The Significance of the Incarnation


The significance of incarnation is that

an ordinary, normal man does God’s own work;

that God performs His divine work in humanity

and thereby vanquishes Satan.

Incarnation means that God’s Spirit becomes a flesh,

that is, God becomes flesh;

the work that the flesh does is the work of the Spirit,

which is realized in the flesh, expressed by the flesh.

No one except God’s flesh

can fulfill the ministry of the incarnate God;

only God’s incarnate flesh, this normal humanity—

and no one else—can express the divine work.


By coming into the flesh to work,

He shows Satan God is a flesh, a normal, ordinary person—

yet He can reign triumphant over the world,

can vanquish Satan, redeem and conquer mankind!

The goal of Satan’s work is to corrupt mankind,

while the goal of God’s is to save mankind.

Satan traps man in a bottomless pit,

while God rescues him from it.

Satan makes all men worship it,

while God makes them

subject to His dominion,

for He is the Lord of creation,

for He is the Lord of creation.

All this work is achieved through God’s two incarnations.

In essence,

His flesh is the union of humanity and divinity,

and is possessed of normal humanity.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of the Flesh Inhabited by God

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