161 The Root of Man’s Resistance to and Rebellion Against Christ


The divinity of Christ is above all men;

therefore, He is the highest authority of all created beings.

This authority is His divinity, that is, God’s disposition and being,

which determines His identity, determines His identity.

Therefore, no matter how normal His humanity,

it is undeniable that He has the identity of God Himself;

no matter from which standpoint He speaks

and how He submits to God’s will,

it cannot be said that He is not God Himself.


Foolish and ignorant men often regard the normal humanity of Christ as a flaw.

No matter how He expresses and reveals the being of His divinity,

man is unable to acknowledge that He is Christ.

And the more that Christ demonstrates His submission and humility,

the more lightly foolish men regard Christ.

Some even adopt toward Him an attitude of exclusion and contempt,

yet place those “great men” of lofty images upon the table to be worshiped.

Man’s resistance to and rebellion against God

come from the fact that the essence of the incarnate God

submits to the will of God,

as well as from the normal humanity of Christ;

this is the source of man’s resistance to and rebellion against God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Essence of Christ Is Submission to the Will of the Heavenly Father

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