207 Do You Know the Source of Eternal Life?


Man’s life originates from God,

the existence of heaven is because of God,

and the existence of earth stems from the power of God’s life.

No object possessed of vitality can transcend the sovereignty of God,

and no thing with vigor can elude the domain of God’s authority.

In this way, regardless of who they are,

everyone must surrender to the dominion of God,

everyone must live under God’s command,

and no one can escape from His hands,

no one can escape from His hands.


Perhaps what you now desire is to gain life,

or perhaps you desire to gain the truth.

Whatever the case, you wish to find God,

you wish to find God,

to find the God that you can rely on,

and who can provide you with eternal life.

If you wish to gain eternal life,

you must first understand the source of eternal life

and must first know where God is.

Only God is immutable life,

and only God possesses the way of life,

and only God possesses the way of life.

Since God is immutable life,

He is thus eternal life;

since only God is the way of life,

God Himself is thus the way of eternal life.


God holds sovereignty over everything among all things,

and He is the mainstay of man in his heart,

and moreover, He exists among man.

Only in this way can He bring the way of life to mankind,

and bring man into the way of life.

God has come to earth, and lives among man,

so that man may gain the way of life,

and so that man may exist.

At the same time,

God also commands everything among all things,

to facilitate cooperation with His management among man.

And so, if you only acknowledge

the doctrine that God is in heaven and in the heart of man,

yet don’t acknowledge the truth of God’s existence among man,

then you shall never gain life,

and shall never gain the way of truth,

and shall never gain the way of truth.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life

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