214 God Is God, Man Is Man


You may have opened the book of God’s words for research,

or with the intention of accepting;

whatever your attitude,

God hopes you will read it to the end,

and won’t put it aside easily, won’t put it aside easily.

Perhaps, after reading these words,

your attitude will change,

but that depends on your motivation

and the degree of your understanding.

However, there is one thing that you should know,

there’s one thing that you should know:

God’s word cannot be made out to be man’s word,

and still less can one make man’s word to be God’s word.

A man used by God is not the incarnate God,

the incarnate God is not a man used by God.

In this, there’s an essential difference.


Perhaps, after reading these words,

you don’t acknowledge them to be God’s words,

but only as the enlightenment man has gained,

then you’re blinded by ignorance.

How can the words of God be the same

as the enlightenment man has gained?

The words of God incarnate open up a new age,

and guide all of mankind;

they reveal mysteries,

and show man the direction he is to take in the new age.

The enlightenment obtained by man

is but simple instructions for practice or knowledge.

It can’t guide all of mankind into a new age

or reveal the mysteries of God Himself.

When all is said and done, God is God, man is man.

God has the essence of God; man has the essence of man.

If man views God’s words as simple enlightenment by the Holy Spirit,

and takes the apostles’ and prophets’ words as God’s own words,

that would be man’s mistake.


No matter what,

you should never mix up right and wrong, or make high out to be low,

or mistake the profound for the shallow;

no matter what,

you should never deliberately refute

what you know to be the truth.

You should never deliberately refute

what you know to be the truth.

Everyone who believes there is a God

should inquire into problems from the correct standpoint,

and accept God’s new work and His new words

from the perspective of a created being;

otherwise, they’ll be cast out by God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Preface

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