231 Treat the Bible Properly


The Bible has been a part of human history for thousands of years.

Moreover, man treats it like God,

such that it’s taken God’s place in the last days.

This is one thing that disgusts God.

Thus, when time permitted,

God had to clarify the Bible’s inside story and origins.

Were He not to do this,

the Bible would continue to hold the place of God in people’s hearts,

and people would use the words of the Bible

to measure and condemn the deeds of God.

The truth God wishes to tell people

is that no theory or fact can replace God’s present work and words,

and that nothing can stand in God’s stead.


If people cannot escape the trap of the Bible,

they will never be able to come before God.

If people cannot escape the trap of the Bible,

they will never be able to come before God.

If they wish to come before God,

they must cleanse their hearts of all that could replace Him;

then they will be satisfactory to God.

Although God only explains the Bible here,

don’t forget there are many other fallacious things

that people genuinely worship aside from the Bible;

the only things they don’t worship are those that truly come from God.

God merely uses the Bible as an example to remind people

not to take the wrong path,

and not to go to extremes again and fall prey to confusion

while they believe in God and accept His words.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Words of Christ As He Walked in the Churches, Introduction

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