261 God Laments the Future of Mankind


In the vast expanse of the world, oceans silting into fields,

fields flooding into oceans, over and over.

Except for He who holds sovereignty over everything among all things,

no one is able to lead and guide this human race.

There is no mighty one

to labor or make preparations for this human race,

still less is there anyone who can lead this human race

toward the destination of light and liberate it from earthly injustices.

God laments the future of mankind,

He grieves at the fall of mankind,

and is pained that mankind is marching, step by step,

toward decay and the path of no return.

No one has ever given thought

to which direction such a mankind that has broken the heart of God

and renounced Him to seek the evil one might be headed.


It’s precisely for this reason why no one senses the wrath of God,

why no one seeks a way to please God

or tries to draw closer to God, draw closer to God,

and what’s more,

why no one seeks to comprehend God’s grief and pain.

Even after hearing the voice of God,

man continues on his own path, persists in straying from God,

evading God’s grace and care, and shunning His truth,

preferring to sell himself to Satan, the enemy of God.

And who has given any thought—

should man persist, persist in his obduracy—

to how God will act toward this humanity

that has dismissed Him without a backward glance?


No one knows that the reason

for God’s repeated reminders and exhortations

is because He has prepared in His hands a calamity like never before,

He has prepared in His hands a calamity like never before,

one that’ll be unbearable to the flesh and soul of man,

one that’ll be unbearable to the flesh and soul of man.

This calamity is not merely a punishment of the flesh,

but also of the soul, but also of the soul.

You need to know this: When God’s plan falls through,

and when His reminders and exhortations are not repaid,

what kind of rage will He unleash?

What kind of rage will He unleash?

It’ll be like nothing that has ever been experienced

or heard by any created being.

And so God says, this calamity is without precedent,

and will never be repeated.

For God’s plan is to create mankind only this once,

and to save mankind only this once.

This is the first time, and it’s also the last.

Therefore, no one can comprehend

the painstaking intentions and fervent anticipation

with which God saves mankind this time.

No one can comprehend God’s painstaking intentions

and fervent anticipation,

God’s painstaking intentions and fervent anticipation.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God Is the Source of Man’s Life

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