297 Mankind Has Ceased to Be What God Wants


It has taken tens of thousands of years of history

for mankind to get where it is today,

yet the mankind God created in the beginning

has long since sunk into degeneracy.

Humanity is no longer the humanity God desires,

and thus, in His eyes, people no longer deserve the name of mankind.

Rather, they are the scum of mankind that Satan has taken captive,

they are the scum of mankind that Satan has taken captive,

the rotten walking corpses that are inhabited by Satan

and with which Satan clothes itself, with which Satan clothes itself.


People have no trust in God’s existence, nor do they welcome His coming.

Mankind only begrudgingly responds to God’s requests,

temporarily acceding to them, temporarily acceding to them,

and does not sincerely share in life’s joys and sorrows with Him.

Since people see God as inscrutable,

they give Him begrudging smiles, they give Him begrudging smiles,

their attitude one of cozying up to one in power,

for people have no knowledge of His work,

much less of His intentions at present.


God will be honest with you:

When the day comes, the suffering of anyone who worships God

will be easier to bear than yours.

The degree of your faith in God does not exceed that of Job—

even the faith of the Jewish Pharisees surpasses yours—

and so, if the day of fire descends,

your suffering will be more grave

than that of the Pharisees when rebuked by Jesus,

than that of the 250 leaders who opposed Moses,

and than that of Sodom under the scorching flames of its destruction.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. What It Means to Be a Real Person

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