307 Is This Your Faith?


If you believe in God’s existence, why do you not fear Him?

If you believe in God’s existence,

why is there not the slightest dread of Him in your heart?

You accept that Christ is the incarnation of God,

so why do you hold Him in contempt?

Why do you act irreverently toward Him?

Why do you openly judge Him?

Why do you always spy upon His movements?

Why do you not submit to His arrangements?

Why do you not act in accordance with His word,

in accordance with His word?

Why do you try to extort and rob Him of His offerings?

Why do you speak from the place of Christ?

Why do you judge whether His work and His word are correct?

Why do you dare blaspheme Him behind His back?

Are these and others what constitute your faith?


In your words and behavior are revealed elements of your unbelief in Christ.

Unbelief pervades the motives and objectives of all you do.

Even the character of your gaze contains the unbelief in Christ.

It can be said that minute by minute,

each of you harbors the elements of unbelief.

This means that, at every moment, you are in danger of betraying Christ,

for the blood that runs through your body

is infused with unbelief in the incarnate God,

unbelief in the incarnate God.

Therefore, God says that the footprints

you leave on the path of faith in God are not real, are not real;

as you walk the path of faith in God,

you do not plant your feet firmly upon the ground—

you’re merely going through the motions.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Are You a True Believer in God?

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