313 No One Knows God Incarnate


Man has never recognized God in the light,

but has only seen Him in the world of darkness.

Are you not in exactly the same situation today?

It was at the climax of the great red dragon’s rampages

that God formally assumed the flesh to do His work.

When the great red dragon first revealed its true form,

God bore witness to His name.

When God walked about on the roads of mankind,

not one being nor one person was startled into wakefulness,

and so when He came incarnate into the human world,

nobody knew it.

But when God starts to work in His incarnate flesh,

man awoke and was startled out of their dreams by His thunderous voice,

and from this moment, they commenced their life under His guidance.


Man does not merely not know God in the flesh,

and they have failed to understand their own self

that resides in a fleshly body.

So many years, man has been deceiving God,

treating Him as a guest from outside.

So many times, they have shut Him outside the “doors to their homes”;

so many times, they have stood before Him but paid Him no heed;

so many times they have renounced Him in the midst of other men;

so many times, they have denied Him in front of devils;

and so many times, they have attacked Him with their bickering mouths.

Yet God doesn’t keep account of man’s weaknesses,

nor does He ask for a tooth for a tooth because of their rebellion.

All God has done is apply medicine to their illnesses,

in order to cure their incurable diseases,

thereby restoring their health, so they may come to know God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 12

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