328 People Simply Haven’t Given Their Hearts to God


Though man believes in God, man’s heart is without God,

and he is ignorant of how to love God, nor does he want to love God,

for his heart never draws close to God and he always avoids God.

As a result, man’s heart is distant from God,

man’s heart is distant from God.

Though man allows God to look within his heart,

this doesn’t mean that man is capable of submitting

to the orchestrations and arrangements of God,

nor that he has left his fate and prospects

and his all under the control of God.

Thus, regardless of the oaths you make to God or what you declare,

in God’s eyes your heart is still closed to Him,

for you only allow God to look upon your heart

but don’t permit Him to control it.


You have not given your heart to God at all,

and only speak nice-sounding words for God to hear;

you hide your various deceitful intentions from God,

along with your intrigues, scheming, and plans.

You clutch your prospects and fate in your hands,

deeply afraid they will be taken away by God.

Thus, God never beholds man’s sincerity toward Him.

Though God does observe the depths of man’s heart,

and can see what man is thinking and wishes to do in his heart,

though God can see what’s in man’s heart,

man’s heart does not belong to God,

and he hasn’t given it over to God’s control.


This is to say, God has the right to observe,

but He does not have the right to control.

In the subjective consciousness of man,

man does not want or intend to let God orchestrate him,

man does not want or intend to let God orchestrate him.

Not only has man closed himself off to God,

but there are even people who think of ways to wrap up their hearts,

and use smooth talk and flattery

to create false impressions and gain God’s trust,

and they hide their true face from God.

This is man’s heart that God sees.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself II

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