355 What Have You Given God in Return?


God has been among you,

associating with you for several springs and falls;

He has lived among you for a long time, and has lived with you.

How much of your despicable behavior has slipped away right in front of His eyes?

How much has slipped away right in front of His eyes?

Those heartfelt words of yours are constantly echoing in God’s ears,

echoing in God’s ears;

millions and millions of your aspirations have been laid upon His altar—

too many even to be counted.

However, as for your dedication and what you expend,

you give not even one iota, not even one iota.

You do not place even a tiny drop of sincerity

upon God’s altar, upon God’s altar.

Where are the fruits of your belief in Him?


You have received endless grace from God,

and you have seen endless mysteries from heaven;

God has even shown you the flames of heaven, the flames of heaven,

but He has not had the heart to burn you.

Nevertheless, how much have you given Him in return?

How much are you willing to give to Him?

With the food God has given to you in hand,

you turn around and offer it to Him,

even going so far as to say

that it was something you got in return for the sweat of your own hard work

and that you are offering Him all that you own.

How can you not know that your “contributions” to God

are all just things that have been stolen from His altar?

Moreover, now you are offering them to Him, are you not cheating Him?

Are you not cheating Him?


How can you not know that what God enjoys today

are all the offerings upon His altar,

and not what you have earned from your hard work

and then offered up to Him?

You actually dare to cheat God this way,

so how can He pardon you?

How can you expect Him to endure this any longer?

God has given everything to you, has given everything to you.

He has opened everything up to you, provided for your needs,

and opened your eyes, opened your eyes,

yet you cheat Him like this, ignoring your consciences,

yet you cheat Him like this, ignoring your consciences.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. You Are All So Base in Character!

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