371 Who Is Considerate of God’s Intentions?


Man has experienced God’s warmth, man has earnestly served Him,

and man has earnestly submitted before Him,

doing everything for Him in His presence.

Yet this is unachievable by people today;

they do nothing but weep in their spirit

as if they have been snatched by a hungry wolf;

they can only look at God helplessly, crying out to Him without cease.

But in the end, they are unable to escape their predicament.

People in the past made promises in God’s presence,

swearing on heaven and earth to repay His kindness with their affection.

They wept sorrowfully before God,

and the sound of their cries was heartbreaking, hard to bear.

Because of their resolve, God would often provide aid to people.

God would often provide aid to people.


Countless times, people have come before God to submit to Him,

their lovely manner hard to forget.

Countless times, they’ve loved God, unwavering in their loyalty,

their earnestness admirable,

their earnestness admirable.

Countless times, they’ve loved God

to the point of sacrificing their very lives,

they’ve loved God more than their own selves.

Seeing their sincerity, God’s accepted their love.

Countless times, they’ve offered themselves up before God,

indifferent in the face of death for His sake;

God’s smoothed the worry from their brows

and carefully taken stock of their countenances.

There have been countless times

where God has loved them like a cherished treasure,

and there’ve been countless times where God has hated them as His enemy.

Nonetheless, what is in God’s mind remains beyond man’s grasp.

When people are sad, God comes to comfort them,

and when they are weak, God comes to help them along.

When they are lost, God gives them direction.

When they weep, God wipes away their tears.

But when God is sad, who can comfort Him with their hearts?

When God is worried sick, who is considerate of His feelings?

When God is sorrowful, who can remedy the wounds in His heart?

When God needs someone, who volunteers to cooperate with Him?

Can it be that people’s former attitude toward God

is now lost, never to return?

Why is it that nothing of it remains in their memories, in their memories?

How is it that people have forgotten all these things?

Is this not all because of mankind’s corruption by his enemy?

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 27

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