387 The Key to Faith Is Accepting God’s Words as the Life Reality


Belief in God should not revolve around

the desire to behold signs and wonders,

nor should it be for the sake of your flesh.

It should be about the pursuit of knowing God,

and being able to submit to God,

and, like Peter, submitting to Him till death.

These are the main aims of believing in God.

One eats and drinks the word of God in order to know God and satisfy Him.

Eating and drinking the word of God gives you a greater knowledge of God,

only after which can you submit to Him.


Only with knowledge of God can you love Him,

and this is the goal man should have in his belief in God.

If, in your belief in God,

you’re always trying to behold signs and wonders,

then the viewpoint of this belief in God is wrong.

Belief in God is mainly the acceptance of God’s word as the life reality.

The aim of God is only attained by practicing God’s words from His mouth

and carrying them out within yourself.

In believing in God, man should strive to be made perfect by God,

to be able to submit to God, and for complete submission to God.

If you can submit to God without complaint,

be mindful of God’s intentions, achieve Peter’s stature,

and possess the style of Peter spoken of by God,

then that’ll be when you’ve achieved success in belief in God,

and it’ll signify that you’ve been gained by God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. All Is Achieved by the Word of God

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