438 When You Open Your Heart to God


When people don’t understand God

and don’t know His disposition,

their hearts can never truly open, open up to Him.

Once they have understood God,

they will begin to appreciate and savor

what is in His heart with interest and faith.

When you appreciate and savor what is in God’s heart,

your heart will gradually, bit by bit, open up to Him.

When your heart opens up to Him,

you will feel how shameful and contemptible your exchanges with God,

your demands of God, and your own extravagant desires were.


When your heart truly opens up to God,

you will see His heart is such an infinite world,

and you will enter into a realm you have never experienced before.

In this realm there is no cheating, and no deceit,

there’s no darkness, and no evil.

There is only sincerity and faithfulness;

only light and rectitude; only righteousness and kindness.

It is full of love and care, full of compassion and tolerance,

and through it you feel the happiness and joy of being alive.

These things are what God will reveal to you

when you open up your heart to Him.

This infinite world is full of God’s wisdom and almightiness;

it’s also full of His love and authority.

Here you can see every aspect of what God has and is,

what brings Him joy, why He worries

and why He becomes sad, why He becomes angry….

This is what every single person can see

who opens up their heart and allows God to come in.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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