444 Do You Have a Normal Relationship With God?


If you wish to pursue being perfected by God

and enter upon the right track of life,

then your heart must always live in God’s presence.

Don’t be dissolute, don’t follow Satan,

don’t allow Satan any chances to do its work,

and don’t let Satan make use of you.

You must give yourself to God fully and let God rule over you.

Are you willing to be Satan’s servant?

Are you willing to be exploited by Satan?

Do you believe in and pursue God so that you may be perfected by Him,

or so that you may become a foil for God’s work?

Would you prefer a meaningful life in which you are obtained by God,

or would you prefer a worthless and empty life, a worthless and empty life?


Would you prefer to be used by God, or exploited by Satan?

Would you prefer to let God’s words and truth fill you,

or let sin and Satan fill you?

In your daily life, you must understand

which words you say and which things you do

might cause abnormality in your relationship with God,

in your relationship with God,

and then rectify yourself to enter into the correct manner.

At all times, examine your words and actions,

your every move, and your thoughts and ideas.

Gain a proper understanding of your real state

and enter into the manner of the Holy Spirit’s work.

This is the only way to have a normal relationship with God.


By assessing whether your relationship with God is normal,

you’ll be able to correct your intentions,

understand the nature essence of man, and truly understand yourself,

and, in doing so, you will be able to enter into real experiences,

rebel against yourself in a real way, and submit with intention.

As you experience these matters

concerning whether or not your relationship with God is normal,

you’ll find opportunities to be perfected by God

and grasp many states of the Holy Spirit’s work.

You’ll also be able to see through many of Satan’s tricks

and penetrate its conspiracies.

Only this path leads to being perfected, being perfected by God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How Is Your Relationship With God?

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