452 The Principle of the Holy Spirit’s Work


The Holy Spirit works by this principle: Through people’s cooperation,

through them actively praying, seeking and coming closer to God,

results can be achieved

and they can be enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.

It is not the case that the Holy Spirit acts unilaterally,

or that man acts unilaterally.

Both are indispensable;

the more people cooperate,

and the more they pursue

the attainment of the standards of God’s requirements,

the greater the work of the Holy Spirit.

Only people’s real cooperation, added to the Holy Spirit’s work,

can produce real experiences

and the essential knowledge of God’s words.

Gradually, through experiencing this way,

a perfect person is ultimately produced.


God does not do supernatural things;

in people’s notions, God is almighty, and everything is done by God—

with the result that people wait passively,

they don’t read God’s words or pray,

and merely await the touch of the Holy Spirit.

However, those with a correct understanding believe this:

God’s actions can only go as far as my cooperation,

and the effect that God’s work has in me depends on how I cooperate,

depends on how I cooperate.

When God speaks, I should do all I can to seek and strive toward God’s words;

this is what I should achieve.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How to Know Reality

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