677 How to Love God During Refinement


How should man love God during refinement?

Accept the refinement with the resolve to love Him.

During refinement you’re tormented inside,

as if a knife were being twisted in your heart,

yet you’re willing to satisfy God using your God-loving heart,

and you’re unwilling to care for the flesh.

This is what is meant by practicing the love for God.

You hurt inside, your pain has reached a certain point,

yet you’re still willing to come before God and pray:

“O God! I cannot leave You. Although there’s darkness within me,

I wish to satisfy You, I wish to satisfy You;

You know my heart, You know my heart,

and I would that You invest more of Your love within me.”

This is practice during refinement.

If you use your God-loving heart as the foundation,

refinement can bring you closer to God

and make you more intimate with Him.


During bitter refinement,

man can most easily fall under Satan’s influence,

so how should you love God during such refinement?

You should summon your will, laying your heart before God

and devoting the last of your time to Him.

No matter how God refines you,

you should still practice the truth to satisfy God’s intentions

and take it upon yourself to seek God and seek communion.

When it’s necessary for you to serve your function,

although you do not serve it well,

you do all you can, you do all you can,

and do so using nothing more than your God-loving heart;

regardless of what others say—

whether they say you have done well, or that you have done badly—

your intentions are correct, and you are not self-righteous,

for you are acting for the sake of God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only by Experiencing Refinement Can Man Possess True Love

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