679 Refinement Is the Best Means for God to Perfect Man


The greater God’s refinement, the more people’s hearts can love God.

The torment in their hearts is of benefit to their lives,

they are more able to be at peace before God,

their relationship with God is closer.

They are better able to see God’s supreme love and His supreme salvation.

They are better able to see God’s supreme love and His supreme salvation.


Peter experienced refinement hundreds of times;

Job underwent several trials.

If you wish to be made perfect by God,

you too must undergo refinement hundreds of times;

only if you go through this process

and rely on this step can you satisfy God’s intentions

and be made perfect by God.

Refinement is the best means by which God makes people perfect;

only refinement and bitter trials

can bring out the true love for God in people’s hearts.

Without hardship, people lack true love for God;

if they are not tried within,

if they are not truly subjected to refinement,

their hearts will always be floating around outside.


Having been refined to a certain point,

you’ll see your weaknesses and difficulties,

you’ll see how much you’re lacking,

you’ll see how much you’re lacking.

And you’ll see you can’t overcome the many problems you encounter,

and you’ll see how great is your rebelliousness.

Only during trials are people able to truly know their real states;

trials make people better able to be perfected.

Trials make people better able to be perfected, to be perfected.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only by Experiencing Refinement Can Man Possess True Love

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