707 A Change in Disposition Is Inseparable From Real Life


In believing in God, if people desire changes in their disposition,

they must not detach themselves from real life.

In real life, you must know yourself,

rebel against yourself, practice the truth,

as well as learn the principles, common sense,

and rules of self-conduct in all things

before you can achieve gradual transformation.

If you only focus on the theoretical knowledge

and only live among religious ceremonies

without going deep into reality, without entering into real life,

then you will never enter into reality,

you will never have knowledge of yourself, of the truth, or of God,

and you will forever be blind and ignorant,

you will forever be blind and ignorant.


Those who rebel against God

are all people who cannot enter into real life.

They are all people who speak of humanity,

but live out the nature of demons.

They are all people who speak of the truth,

but live out doctrines instead.

Those who cannot live out the truth in real life

are those who believe in God,

but are spurned by Him.

You have to practice your entry in real life,

know your own deficiencies, rebelliousness, and ignorance,

and know your abnormal humanity as well as your weaknesses.

That way, your knowledge will be integrated

into your actual state and difficulties.

Only this kind of knowledge is real,

only this kind of knowledge is real

and can allow you to truly grasp your own state

and achieve dispositional change.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Discussing Church Life and Real Life

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