927 God’s Authority Is the Heavenly Law That Satan Can’t Overstep


Satan has never dared to transgress the authority of God,

and, moreover, it has always carefully listened to and obeyed

the orders and specific commands of God,

never daring to defy them, and, of course,

not daring to freely alter any of God’s orders.

Such are the limits that God has set out for Satan,

and so Satan has never dared to cross these limits.

In the spiritual realm,

Satan sees God’s status and His authority very clearly;

it has a deep appreciation of the might of God’s authority

and the principles behind the exertion of His authority.

Satan does not dare to overlook them at all,

nor does it dare to violate them in any way,

or do anything that transgresses God’s authority.

It doesn’t dare to challenge God’s wrath in any way.

Though it’s evil and arrogant in nature,

Satan has never dared to cross

the boundaries and limits set out for it by God.


For millions of years,

Satan has strictly abided by these boundaries,

has abided by every command and order given to it by God;

it has never dared to overstep the mark.

Though it is malicious,

Satan is much wiser than corrupt mankind;

it knows the identity of the Creator,

and knows its own boundaries.

From Satan’s “submissive” actions

it can be seen that the authority and power of God are heavenly edicts

which cannot be transgressed by Satan,

and it is precisely because of

the uniqueness and authority of God

that all things change and propagate in an orderly way,

and mankind can live and multiply

within the course established by God.

No person or object is capable of upsetting this rule;

no person or object is capable of changing this law—

for they all come from the hands of the Creator,

and from the predestination and authority of the Creator.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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