992 The Three Admonishments of God to Man


It is very important that God came to mankind using the way of incarnation.

Also important is the work that He did in the flesh,

but even more important to every person living in the flesh,

to every person living in corruption,

are the disposition He revealed and the intentions He expressed.

Is this something that you can understand?

After understanding God’s disposition and what He has and is,

as to how you should treat Him,

finally, God would like to give you three pieces of counsel:

First, do not test God.

No matter how much you understand about God,

no matter how much you know about His disposition,

absolutely do not test Him, absolutely do not test Him.


Second, do not contend for status with God.

No matter what type of status God gives you

or what kind of work He entrusts you with,

no matter what kind of duty He raises you up to perform,

and no matter how much you have expended yourself and sacrificed for God,

absolutely don’t compete for status with Him,

don’t compete for status with Him.

Third, do not compete with God.

No matter whether you understand

or if you can submit to what God does with you,

what He arranges for you, and the things He brings to you,

absolutely do not compete with God.

If you can abide by these three pieces of counsel,

then you will be quite safe,

and you will not be prone to angering God,

you will not be prone to angering God.

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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