1017 God’s Final Promise to Mankind


When man achieves the true life of man on earth

and the entire forces of Satan are bound, man will live easily upon earth.

Things won’t be as complex as they’re now:

Human, social, complex familial relationships—

they bring so much trouble, so much pain!

Man’s life here is so miserable!

Once man has been conquered, his heart and mind will change:

He will have a God-fearing and God-loving heart.


Once all those within the universe who seek to love God have been conquered,

which is to say, once Satan has been defeated,

and once Satan—all the forces of darkness—has been placed in bondage,

then man’s life on earth will be undisturbed,

and he will be able to live freely upon earth.

If man’s life were without fleshly relationships

and the complexities of the flesh,

then it would be so much easier, it would be so much easier.


Man’s relationships of the flesh are too complex,

and for man to have such things

is proof that he has yet to free himself of the influence of Satan.

If you had the same relationship with each of your brothers and sisters,

if you had the same relationship with each member of your family,

then you would have no concerns,

and would not need to worry about anyone.

Nothing could be better,

and in this way man would be relieved of half of his suffering,

relieved of half of his suffering.

Living a normal human life on earth, man will be similar to the angels;

though still being of the flesh, he will be much like an angel.

This is the final promise, the last promise bestowed upon man.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination

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