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Trials Call for Faith

Whatever refinement you suffer from God's words, what God perfects is your faith. When you can't touch it, and when you can't see it, it's then that your faith is required. Full Text


With Refinement Comes Faith

If you lack faith, lose hope in God, how will you experience? If your faith is true, if your faith is without doubt, if you open your heart to Him, He will perfect you, enlighten your experience. Full Text


With True Faith Comes Witness

Even if the body suffers, Satan's ideas you can't keep. Praise God during illness. Don't lose heart or give up. God will shine His light when you seek. Full Text


God Hopes to Gain Man's True Faith and Love for Him

God hopes when you understand, understand the true side of Him, you will grow even closer to Him; you’ll truly appreciate His love for His concern for mankind Full Text


He Who Has True Faith Receives God’s Blessings

Judgment reveals the destination of God’s creation, the loveliness of the Creator, and gives you true faith, and what is most precious to you.God’s conquering work reveals His mighty arm,an understanding of human life, t… Full Text

Song About Faith "Follow God Along the Rough Path" | Love God Without Regrets
Seek First the Kingdom of God | A Hymn of God's Words "I Will Not Rest Until I Gain God"

Seek First the Kingdom of God | A Hymn of God's Words "I Will Not Rest Until I Gain God"

Out of my own willingness I follow God. I don't care whether He wants me o… Full Text

True Meaning of Faith in God

So many people believe, but so few understandwhat faith in God really means, what they need to do to beat with God’s heart. Full Text

God Hopes for Man's True Faith

God wishes for man to be loyal and faithful to none but Him, to do all things for the sake of faith, and to prove that one word: faith, faith. Full Text

The Top Priority of Faith in God

To build a good relationship with God must be top priority for one who believes in Him. All should treat this as the most important task, the most important thing in their life. Full Text

You Have Gained So Much Because of Faith

Because of the word "faith," you are judged, and you are cursed a good deal, but you have got true faith and the most true, real, and precious things. Full Text

The Key to Faith Is Accepting God’s Words as the Reality of Life

Belief in God should not be in order to see wonders and signs, nor for the sake of your personal flesh, but to pursue the grasp of God and obey Him as best you can. Full Text

What God Makes Perfect Is Faith

What God makes perfect is the faith of mankind. One cannot see it, one cannot touch it. God changes words to faith, love and life. Full Text

True Faith Comes Only From Knowing God

It is God’s utterance that conquers and perfects man. Signs and wonders aren’t the root of their faith. Yes, it’s God’s deeds that make man know Him. Full Text

Best Song of Faith | "Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death"

Best Song of Faith | "Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death"

Best Song of Faith | "Through Thick and Thin, Faithful Till Death" I From… Full Text

Is This Your Faith?

Why don't you revere God though His existence you believe? Why don't you fear Him if in your heart you still believe? Christ is God incarnate, it's a fact you can accept. So why are you scornful and irreverent? Full Text