2020 Gospel Testimony I "A Pastor's True Colors"

September 4, 2020

The main character sees that Pastor Li in her church has given up his family and career to work for the Lord, and he's always rushing about and expending himself. She really idolizes and looks up to him. She later accepts Almighty God's kingdom gospel and happily shares the wonderful news of the Lord Jesus' return with Pastor Li. To her surprise, he doesn't seek the truth at all, but condemns God's work of the last days. He goes on to seal off the church, trying to stop other believers from investigating the true way. She feels some weakness and finds it hard to understand—Pastor Li knows the Bible well, he's been serving the Lord for many years, and has been longing for the Lord's coming. So why, now that the Lord has actually come, won't he look into it? Ultimately, she clearly sees the pastor's essence of serving God while resisting Him through reading Almighty God's words. She's no longer constrained by this evil servant and comes before God.

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