2022 Christian Testimony Video | "A Priest's Road Home" (II)

June 28, 2022

He was originally a Catholic priest and served as the abbot of a monastery. In 2001, he heard The Church of Almighty God testify the Lord has returned to do new work. At the news, he not only had many notions and refused to accept, but even sealed off the church. But the desolation of the church and the degeneration of the clergy made him reflect: Does the Holy Spirit really no longer work in the church? By reading Almighty God's words, his notions and confusions were resolved, and he determined that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. However, after the bishop learned of his acceptance of Almighty God, he was dismissed as abbot, and threatened with expulsion from the church to force him to give up following Almighty God. When his positions as a Catholic priest and abbot are threatened, what did he choose? Please watch this video.

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