Gospel Movie Extract 1 From "Break the Shackles and Run": Cast Off the Shackles and Study the True Way

January 22, 2017

Elder Li, due to the blind faith in the words of the religious pastors, felt that all of God's work and words were recorded in the Bible and that anything outside of the Bible could not be the work and word of God. Li thought that all he had to do was adhere to the Bible and when the Lord came again, he would be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, Li gave no consideration to the work of Almighty God in the last days. On one occasion, Elder Li happened to learn that a co-worker, Elder Lin, had been studying the Eastern Lightning for over a year. Through his fellowshiping with Elder Lin, Elder Li came to understand the pitiful truth that he had been trapped and shackled by the religious pastors. In the end, Elder Li was able to cast off these shackles and lead the rest of his co-workers to seek and study the Eastern Lightning together.

【본 영상에는 다음체를 사용하였습니다】

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