2020 Christian Testimony Video | "Can You Really Welcome the Lord by Gazing Skyward?"

August 20, 2020

Many believers in the Lord are waiting for the Lord Jesus to return on a cloud so they can be taken up into the kingdom of heaven before the disasters. The main character in this video, Jin Cheng, is no exception. He's been foolishly gazing at the sky, waiting for the Lord for over 20 years, and when he hears someone bear witness that the Lord Jesus has already returned, that He's expressing many truths and doing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God, he clings to the idea of the Lord coming on a cloud. He therefore refuses to seek or investigate it, and the Lord's return nearly passes him by. How does he eventually let go of his notions and accept God's work of the last days? Is it possible to welcome the Lord by just gazing at the sky, without carefully listening for the Lord's voice? Let's see what Jin Cheng's experience was.

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