Gospel Testimony Video | "How the Wise Virgins Welcomed the Lord"

September 9, 2020

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Anick and Mireille are good friends. One day, a chance opportunity comes along when they watch the movie Where Is My Home, made by The Church of Almighty God. They find it very moving, and the book which changes the main character's destiny in the movie particularly arouses their curiosity. They sense the warmth and authority in the words in that book, and they feel that no ordinary human being could have spoken those words. When they hear that these words are the utterances of the returned Lord, they find it inconceivable. As far as they're concerned, the Lord has not yet come on a cloud and appeared openly, so how could it be claimed that the Lord has returned? After some internal struggle, they consider the fact that God's work transcends the thoughts and ideas of man, and they decide to let go of their notions and imaginings and investigate God's work of the last days. How do they recognize God's voice and welcome the Lord in the end? Let's listen to Anick tell their story.

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