The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


There are many people who, after accepting the work of Almighty God in the last days, say, “The words of Almighty God are too deep, too harsh! So harsh, this is judgment and chastisement. When can man achieve changes in life disposition, become compatible with God, and be truly cleansed?” Seeing such words, someone says with a sigh, “It is difficult to believe in God. It is easy to believe in Jesus; just taking it easy every day, you can behave however you want and do whatever fun things you want to do. If you should sin when you are having fun, just pray and you will be forgiven after you have confessed. Then you can go back to having fun. If you should sin again while you are having fun, just confess once more. Sinning every day and confessing every day, sinning and confessing, that is how your belief works. This is what believing in the Lord is like. There is no need to be judged or chastised, there is no need to practice the truth, and there is no need to fellowship about the truth. How great it is to believe in the Lord. It doesn’t interrupt with anything, it doesn’t impact my everyday life and I can still get married, it doesn’t affect me having children, or the bliss of family life. Believing in Jesus is better; you get to be happy.” Is this correct? Some people go abroad, and then they say: “The democratic system abroad is great. You can make money if you have the ability, and you can spend the money on anything you want. Oh, if I don’t enjoy myself here for a few years, then I’ll be missing out.” What kind of person is this? Tell me, what kind of person can say such things? Does God like words such as these? This is something that a person who has no love for the truth would say. The Book of Proverbs from the Bible has this to say: “For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them” (Proverbs 1:32). This is key. The purpose of a person’s life cannot be comfort, one must do something meaningful with one’s life and walk the right path. Tell me, in this world, what is the right path? Let’s put it this way: The only right path is to believe in God; all other paths are not the right path. However, this is not the whole story. The path of believing in God is a wide path, there are all sorts of belief. Because of the freedom of faith, each person has his own understanding of God, and each person has his own pursuits. Although there are many people believing in God, each with their own way in believing in God, yet whose path in believing in God is after God’s heart and can allow him to be perfected and receive the blessings of God? Tell me, is it important to have a good grasp on this matter? It is very necessary. If you don’t think so, then write these words down. If you do not choose to embark on this path right now, and then one day, if you indeed have not chosen this path, you shall be crying for days when you read these words once more, and you shall regret and feel sorry for yourself. Are you willing to take on this bet? If you do not follow these words, then let me be straight with you: You will live in regret for the rest of your life.

So, what is the path of believing in God that pleases God? There is just one thing: to pursue the truth, and to pursue to know God. Do you understand what I just said? Pursue the truth, and pursue to know God. This is the path that is most blessed by God. It can be said that this is the smartest path to reach an understanding of the Holy One; it can also be said that this is the path to attain sanctity, the path to be perfected by God, to become a saint, a righteous person. The path to being perfected by God is the road to sanctity, is that not the case? So, what kind of person shall be perfected by God? A person pursuing the truth shall be perfected by God. Someone else might say: “I read these words that Almighty God has said, and I find that most of them are right; but I understand too little. God’s words are too deep. When can I make Him my life? When can I enter the reality of these words? When can I live the real life of these words? It might take one or two hundred years. I might never be able to accomplish that during my lifetime.” Do you have the determination to pursue the truth and pursue to be perfected by God? Some people say: “I have this. I am willing to pursue this. But can I attain it? I have to feed my family; I have to go to work. I don’t have the energy to do this.” This is not the right way to think. Why is it not right? When we believed in the Lord during the Age of Grace, this famous saying was very popular: The end of man is the beginning of God. What is impossible for man is possible for God, for God is omnipotent. You depend on God, you live your every day before God, you pray to God every day, your heart goes out to the words of God, and you ponder God’s words. You pray to God and look up to God in all things, and you shall become mindful of God’s will; unwittingly, you will better understand God’s words, God’s demands, and God’s will, and you will have more clarity within you. No matter how difficult it might seem to us, nothing is difficult for God. You must believe in the omnipotence of God. Look at the way that I am fellowshiping with you, it is as if I am having a chat with you. I can talk for as long as I want, I can talk like this every day if I so desire, and I can do this in every which way. Do you think this is easy? How can you attain such a thing? You must pursue the truth and care for God’s will. In your heart, you must say, “God, while others ignore Your demands for us, I paid attention; while others are not mindful of Your will, I am; while others rebel against You and only care for their flesh, I care for Your will and obey You.” Just like what Peter said: While others are weak, I am not; while others betray, I do not; no matter what, I am following the Lord Jesus. He had this determination, and in the end he was perfected. Once we have God’s presence, once the Holy Spirit works, nothing is difficult. Do you believe what I am saying? The Holy Spirit leads you, guides you, and arranges your environment. You are living in spirit every time you pray, and once you live in spirit, all that you say is within the Holy Spirit, all that you see is within the Holy Spirit. Everything is enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, there is clarity in everything you see; you feel relaxed in everything you do, everything is easy, and all the paths are open to you. This is the truth, and I have the deepest experience regarding this. There are many things that I have not learned previously, and I was a layman in all those things. After I believed in God, I fulfilled my duties like so, and now everything I see is clear; I have clarity within me for anything that I look at, “This thing is simple and easy.” Therefore, all the matters of the Church are no big deal to me, and I have a good grasp of them as soon as I encounter them. I am able to set you on the right path with just one sentence, to let you know the appropriate things to do, and you are guaranteed to please God by doing what I tell you. How is this the case? The Holy Spirit is at work. Once the Holy Spirit works on you, that is, you gain the work of the Holy Spirit, you are relaxed in everything you do, and everything comes easy to you. This fulfills what the Lord Jesus said, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). Therefore, don’t worry that pursuing the truth is difficult, for nothing is difficult when the Holy Spirit is at work.

Let me give you another simple example, something that even more people have experienced. Many people are afraid of being imprisoned. If the CCP government should imprison you, at the very least, they are going to beat you half to death. After some people were imprisoned, at first they were frightened, and so they prayed: “God, protect me! God, save me!” During God’s work of the last days, God generally does not do supernatural things. Why? You have to endure the suffering that you must endure, because God wants you to bear witness for Him. Why does He want you to bear witness? Do you know the meaning of bearing witness? To put it simply, starting from the work of redemption in the Age of Grace until the work of judgment in the last days, by which God cleanses and perfects man to conclude God’s management plan, the entirety of this is the work of going to war with Satan. How does God fight this war? Does God fight Satan hand-to-hand? No, this is a war of fighting for people. Satan said: “I have corrupted this humanity thoroughly, and it will not be gained by You again. No matter what You do, You cannot make this humanity complete. This humanity will betray You, they will not believe in You.” God said: “Then I will perfect some of humanity, I will acquire some of them to humiliate you, and convict you in the end, defeating you.” Is this not a war? We saw Job’s trial until the end, what is the reason behind the trial? That is the bet between God and Satan. God said: “Job fears God and stays away from evil, he is an honest man.” Satan believed otherwise, and said: “That is not true. If You take away everything he has, he will abandon You for sure.” God said: “He is under your domain, so let’s see, let’s see if you can make him abandon me.” So, such a thing happened in this world: When everything was quiet, a gang of robbers came and robbed Job, then another gang showed up and took some more from him. These robbers robbed Job of everything. The decades of business and all of his properties that God had blessed him with, they were all taken from him in just one day. What is happening here? Does this have anything to do with the war of the spiritual realm? This has everything to do with it. If a person does not understand the spirit, if he does not believe in God and does not know God’s will, when he is faced with such things, if he chooses a materialistic point of view, if he chooses the judge’s point of view, if he chooses a legal point of view, then he would be in trouble, then he would have to resolve this through the way of men. However, Job looked at it this way: “This is not the case, this is God’s deprivation of me. I don’t know what is happening, in what way have I displeased God? I have always feared God, I have not sinned, so why am I being deprived by God?” He was puzzled, he was not able to ponder through this matter. The fact that Job’s faith could reach such a level in that era was impressive, it was not easy. Today, we are only able to grasp this matter with all the words of Almighty God that we have read, yet did Job read all these words of God? No, he didn’t. Therefore, it is very normal that Job was unable to have clarity on this matter. If we were also from that era, we would do much worse than Job, is that not the case? And do we have much more today than what Job had? God said that what we receive today far exceeds the saints through the ages, not only exceeding the saints from the Age of Law, but also exceeding all the saints from the Age of Grace, exceeding Moses, exceeding the revelations that Isaiah had gotten, even exceeding Peter. Why does He say that what we receive exceeds the saints through the ages? That is because we have eaten and drunk these words of Almighty God, the words of Almighty God have revealed all these truths and mysteries, they have all been expressed. Therefore, we receive much more than the saints through the ages. Is that not the case?

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