The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


In the last days, God is incarnated as a man. God becomes flesh only twice from the creation of humankind to the end of human civilization: the first was the Lord Jesus coming to do the work of redemption; the last is when God personally comes to judge, purify, and perfect man in the last days. This is a very rare opportunity! Some say regarding God becoming human, “God becomes human to speak God’s word, so truly, look, no one else could speak these words!” If you put all the theologians and all the pastors of the religious world together, would they be able to speak these words? Not even if they tired themselves to death trying. Only the incarnate God can say these words, is that not the fact of the matter? God’s incarnation as a human is already a fact; it’s even more so of a fact that devils have corrupted men and turned men into devils. So I ask you, are the kings of the devils who resist God not Satan? They are all Satan. Their flesh may be of man, but their spirits are of Satan. Saying they are Satan refers to their spirits, their spirits are of Satan. What do we call it when Satan’s spirit puts on clothes of flesh? What’s the worldly saying for it? “The devil reborn, Satan’s incarnation.” Isn’t that right? What exactly is a devil? Some of the unbelievers understand it. I was asked this question when I first started to believe in the Lord. I answered, “A devil is an evil spirit.” “Wrong.” I said, “Why am I wrong?” “People are devils.” I said, “You’re right, I agree, people are devils.” How do people become devils? They are scum who do nothing productive and resist and deny God, they aren’t worthy of the name human. Man is that which Satan is clothed with, so men live in the style of devils, not at all in the style of men. Tell me, are people not living devils? In the past we’ve traditionally said devils are evil spirits, but today I tell you devils are clothed in human flesh, people are devils, devils are people. We’re completely right when we say people are living devils. It’s a very realistic expression! Is what I’m saying over the line? What I’m saying is the truth, but we can only say it and use it amongst ourselves. There will be trouble if we go up to an unbeliever and say, “You’re a devil!” There will be trouble if you say to your unbelieving husband, “You’re a devil!” Big trouble. We must have wisdom in this! God requires that we become honest people, but He also requires that we act with wisdom. There are some things that can only be felt, and must not be spoken! Is that not true? To say some things carelessly without wisdom causes no end of problems, because others will judge you and file suit against you. Then you’ll be in trouble.

Today God’s word has been spread and borne testimony to, and many of you are among the first from your countries and regions to accept Almighty God. You are truly blessed. For that, I congratulate you all! Some ask, “Why do you congratulate us?” I answer that my words are not a worldly formality, because my congratulations have practical meaning. First, you have accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days because you see that the Lord Jesus has returned, that He has come incarnate as the Son of Man and begun to express the truth and do His work of judgment in the last days, so you accept. This means you have been raptured, you have been raptured up before God, you have been lifted up into the air to meet with the Lord. What does this “air” mean? Spreading the gospel and speaking online, isn’t that “in the air”? Aren’t the words I’m speaking to you today “in the air”? People ask, “Where is ‘the air’?” “The air” is a pronoun, and it represents the question of whether we’re in heaven or on earth. Most literally speaking, we are on earth, but we enjoy a life with God, and we eat and drink of God’s word, which is the water of the river of life that flows from the throne, so we live as though we were in heaven. This has real significance, because where are we? Are we in heaven, or on the earth? It’s hard to say, so we use “in the air” to describe it. So this is one meaning, I’m congratulating you on being raptured to before God’s throne to feast with the Lamb, which is to feast with God. Second, you have gained the chance to be perfected by God in the last days, and if you are purified and perfected through judgment and chastisement before the seat of Christ, you will be qualified to gain the approval of God. The blessing is so great! We have attained what the saints throughout history have longed for and failed to find, are we not fortunate? Third, we are undergoing God’s chastisement and judgment, and even though we suffer some in our hearts, and it might be embarrassing at first, we will accomplish something, we will be purified, understand the truth, and we will know God. Even though when we are chastened we abandon all dignity and self-respect, kneel, bow down and sob, admit our sins, and repent, but after a period of such torment, we begin to change, we become more reasonable, our conscience awakens, our spirit gets brightened, and we see God, set ourselves upon this path, and our way becomes brighter and brighter, until we finally are perfected and become overcomers. What does it mean to be overcomers? It means to not suffer the great disaster, and when the great disaster comes, “A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you” (Psalms 91:7). Are we not fortunate? The unbelievers and those in the religious world will fall into disaster, and while we may appear to be in the midst of disaster ourselves, but God is with us, so disaster will not befall us. If you truly gain the truth, you will not know the taste of death. These words are true. God’s promise in the last days, the greatest blessings, will be carried out upon us. Do you understand? This is why I congratulate you. This is the meaning of my congratulations. Do you understand? You may think it’s empty words, but they contain our greatest blessing!

There are some new believers who have some notions regarding God’s word and can’t accept some of it. They feel God speaks too heavily in some things, or feel that God’s words aren’t completely in accord with the facts, or even that God says mocking, impolite things. It’s normal to have such feelings, because we didn’t accept everything at the start of our belief, but these are absolutely God’s words, so don’t suspect them. Whatever you do, do not question, “Are these actually the words of God?” Do not doubt. These are absolutely, undoubtedly the words of God, do you understand? But you will reach a day in your experience when you say, “God wasn’t mocking us after all, God’s words have real significance. They are true and factual, not at all biased! They are correct, they are entirely accurate!” Without the right experience, you won’t be able to say those words. This is why, after we experienced several years of faith, we felt humiliated. What happened to all the notions we had toward this or that portion of God’s word? In the end, we prayed to God to admit our sin and slapped ourselves across the mouth, “I judged God and His word. I have no sense. I’m inhuman!” After a few years of experience, you’ll understand. So no matter which parts of God’s word you have doubts about or lack penetration of today, remember, this is the word of God, and after enough experience, you will understand it, so stay away from judgment and notions about it. Say to yourself, “No matter whether I understand it, whether I like it, or whether I accept it, this is God’s word. That’s right, this is the word of God.” That’s the proper way to accept it. After some experience, within three years, you’ll feel, “Now, reading God’s word is different. God’s words are practical, true, accurate, and appropriate. This truly is God’s word! I’m lucky I didn’t judge at the beginning.” All the notions you have when you start believing make God’s word impracticable, but after three or five years, everything is practicable, and nothing poses a problem anymore. This truly is God’s word! That’s the journey we all experience. Some say, “I don’t feel these are the words of God, these words cannot have come from God, is this something mistaken written by man?” No matter what you say about God, or what your notions about God, His words, or His work may be, do not gamble with God. “God, I have many notions about certain words of Yours, so these words can’t have come from You. God, it’s surely not right for You to do this; it definitely comes from man.” Do not gamble, because if you do, you are guaranteed to lose utterly, there is no doubt about it. Whoever bets with God will lose, and afterward, you will be humiliated and regret it for eternity.

I tell you, belief in Almighty God is different from belief in Jesus. Believers in Almighty God strive to eat and drink of God’s word and fellowship about the truth daily, they talk about how to perform their duties and practice God’s words every day, and spend each day in the presence of the truth and God’s word. Those who believe in the Lord read and discuss the Bible every day, and then go work for the Lord. But even after decades of faith in the Lord, what do they gain? What do they reap from decades of faith in the Lord? They understand some of biblical letters and doctrines, but they have no true understanding of the Lord, only theories, empty talk, and unworkable hypotheses. Believing in the Lord for a lifetime won’t earn you a heart that fears God. Believing in the Lord for a lifetime won’t gain you an understanding of the Lord. Believing in the Lord for a lifetime may change your behavior, but it won’t change your life disposition. Believing in the Lord for a lifetime will only gain you a lifetime of biblical knowledge, and as you gain it, you will become more arrogant and self-right, until you listen to no one! This is what you will reap from believing in the Lord. Is what I’m saying not the truth? In which church do the pastors, elders, students of the seminary, and believers not bicker over the Bible, none giving way to another, and each competing for stature? Give them a single line in the Bible, and each has their own unyielding opinion, so those who believe in the Lord are not ruled by the Holy Spirit, and even less are they ruled by Christ, because their faith stops at the words “Lord Jesus,” and only the name “Lord Jesus,” but the Lord Jesus is not among them, so they can never gain life, no matter how many years they believe in the Lord. Any who have believed for years in the Lord, you may talk about your knowledge of the Lord. Do you have any real knowledge? Can you express any real understanding of God? Could you talk about your understanding of God before the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God? Ask the brothers and sisters of the Church of Almighty God to hear what you have to say and evaluate whether there’s any truth in it, because they have the discernment to know. The moment they hear your doctrines and words, they will know your words contain no practical truth, and they will disapprove. Things are different after you believe in Almighty God. After a year of experience, you start to feel a change, “Goodness, everything in religion is just letters and doctrines, in this year I’ve realized that there were so many places where my notions and imaginings were incompatible with the reality of the truth, in this year I’ve seen how arrogant and self-right I remain inside, I’ve put myself on quite a high pedestal, I still have not made myself humble, and though I proclaim myself to be humble, loving, and tolerant, I actually place myself much higher than others in my heart, I don’t respect others at all.” The longer a man believes in the Lord, the more he evaluates others, and the higher his opinion of himself. This is why, when you expose a believer in the Lord for his impracticality and hypocrisy, he immediately beats you down, judges you, and makes an enemy of you. The tiger’s behind should not be prodded, dirt should never be thrown in the emperor’s face! The religious pastors and elders are the kings of the religious world, and they try their strength against one another through the Bible, their bickering ceaseless until a clear winner is decided. They insist that you submit and look up to them before they leave you in peace. If you don’t submit, they try their strength against you. That’s all that happens in religion. Things are different in the Church of Almighty God, those without the reality of the truth are ashamed, and they feel that shame without anyone else telling them to feel it. When people hear the way you speak, the tone of your voice, your diction, they will shake their heads and say, “There is no reality of the truth here.” Without saying anything they can tell whether you have any reality of the truth and your spiritual stature. So, what you see in the Church of Almighty God is that when others expose someone, or blame him, or even deal with him, he doesn’t resist! Perhaps not at the beginning, but after a few years he doesn’t resist. Why do you think that happens? “If what you say is the truth, I will obey you in all things, I will obey whoever speaks words compatible with the truth, no matter who is my leader, if what he says is compatible with the truth and fact, I will obey,” which is why the truth rules in God’s house. And what does it mean that the truth rules? Doesn’t that mean God rules? Is this not the rule of Christ? Where Christ rules, God rules. Does that not signal the appearance of the kingdom of Christ? It is absolutely correct to say that the kingdom of Christ has appeared on earth!

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