The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


How do you view the Church of Almighty God today? How do you understand the Church of Almighty God? Many people don’t understand the Church of Almighty God, and some still believe the rumors of the CCP and the religious world. “If anyone doesn’t believe in Almighty God when asked to do so, his ears will be cut off, his eyes gouged out, and his nose cut off.” Do you believe that or not? Have you ever seen anyone with their noses cut off or eyes gouged out? Do such people exist? There are none on the Chinese mainland, none in Taiwan, none in Korea. In all the places where the Church of Almighty God works to spread the gospel, is there a single example? No. So why does the Communist Party blindly fabricate such rumors? What are the Communists? Murderous devils who kill without blinking an eye! They will fabricate any rumor, there is no rumor they won’t fabricate and no lie they won’t tell. What are devils? Those who lie are devils. The Church of Almighty God spreads the gospel and testifies God, and they don’t make any money, they offer themselves completely and spend for God, they are happy to spend for God, and they cast aside everything to perform their duties. Some say, “I’ve seen it, so I believe!” When I hear that, my response is, “Good, because you can still believe, you still have some sense.” But some people don’t believe the words of Almighty God, and they don’t believe the testimony of the Church of Almighty God. Who do they believe? They believe the CCP. They say, “The CCP is a party in power, how could a party in power spread nonsense?” But the truth is that parties in power spread the most nonsense, isn’t it? Is there one party in power in the world today that doesn’t spread nonsense? There are none, that’s right. Parties in power spread nonsense, more than ordinary people. This is my personal opinion, but is it not also a fact? So if someone believes the rumors and lies spread by the CCP, what’s wrong? If a man doesn’t believe the word of God, but instead believes the word of Satan, the problem is that he has too little faith. His faith is tainted. And if he doesn’t believe in the Church of Almighty God, his problem is even more serious! He sees the people of the Church of Almighty God leave their families and careers and cast aside everything to suffer for God, serve God, and testify God, all the while not earning a penny, and he still doesn’t believe.

What kind of a church is the Church of Almighty God? First, it is a raptured church. Its members first received God’s work, experienced judgment and chastisement before the judgment seat of Christ, and after they gain some understanding of God, they have sincere faith. Some of them have undergone many trials to develop a heart that fears God, but of course testimony of those who have been worked by God into a group of overcomers has already appeared. Some people have actual experience and testimony of the fact, which stands as resounding testimony for God. The Church of Almighty God is a raptured church, which means that when the great disaster comes, the Church of Almighty God will be the appearance of the kingdom of Christ, the kingdom of Christ will have appeared on earth. If you join the Church of Almighty God, you have entered into the Age of Kingdom. Some will ask, “We’ve accepted Almighty God and joined the Church of Almighty God, are we citizens of the kingdom of Christ?” Wait, you’ve applied, but you still have to undergo trials. If you stand firm and bear true testimony, then you will be a citizen, but we are still in the trial period. We are all “trial citizens” of the kingdom of Christ. The “trial citizens” are God’s chosen people, and after the great disaster, the remaining of the chosen people will change their name to “citizens of the kingdom.” The kingdom’s citizens are those who emerge from the great disaster and survive. If someone says, “I acknowledge that the words of Almighty God are the voice of God, I believe in Almighty God, but I don’t understand the Church of Almighty God. I can’t join that church.” Is that allowable? Yes. God will not force you. The door of the Church of Almighty God is always open, any may enter, but any who enter will undergo the church’s screening and approval, and there are more conditions! First, you must not be an evildoer, you must have a good name in the world, and humanity, and you must have the appearance of a good and upright person to be qualified. Second, you must not be an evil spirit. Evil spirits are unacceptable. We don’t want them. We want none who speak in tongues, they are evil spirits. We want none who see spirits and ghosts with their eyes open, they are evil spirits. We want none taken by evil spirits, they will not be approved. Third, we want no homosexuals. Homosexuals are an abomination, they are freaks without any normal humanity, close to evil spirits, no homosexuals. Fourth, no serial adulterers, they have no good name in the world, we do not want them. Fifth, murderers, rapists, and thieves, we do not want them. Those are our conditions. That’s why we say there is screening, and only those who meet the conditions are approved for entry into the Church of Almighty God. If it was not known that someone was homosexual or did evil deeds in the past, or had no good name in the world, and such facts are discovered later, then he must be expelled from the church. The Church of Almighty God maintains administrative decrees of the kingdom to ensure not just anyone can enter, but if anyone wants to leave or stop believing, we allow nature to take its course. We give people freedom. We don’t bar anyone from leaving. No one is allowed to stop a member from walking out the door, and no one is allowed to attach conditions to a member’s departure. Anyone may leave at any time, do you understand? Some ask, “Today I believe, but can I withdraw tomorrow?” You can withdraw right now, it’s that easy! The door is open, you can leave whenever you want, without conditions, and no one will try to stop you, no one will put any restrictions on you, no one will come to your house, and no one will call you and harass you. Some people may, out of love, say, “I’ll try and talk some sense into the quitter,” but if I find out about it, I will put a stop to it. Don’t do that, people can leave whenever they like, they are free, anyone may leave. Also, new believers are forbidden from carelessly undertaken projects of offering, even out of enthusiasm, why? Because you don’t understand any of the truth, and your offerings are given out of enthusiasm, not out of sincere belief. After you believe for a year, understand some of the truth, and pray several times, and you make such offerings out of willing obedience to God, then we allow it. New believers are not allowed to make offerings because they don’t understand the truth. This is why, in the house of God, we don’t allow sermons to encourage offerings. At our meetings, no one may give sermons about offerings, and if anyone does, they are removed from their leadership positions, this is the administrative decree of God’s house. The books, CDs, and films published by the Church of Almighty God are offered free, we don’t ask a cent for them, and our brothers and sisters help each other when they are in need. The church has operated this way for many years. The Church of Almighty God has never sought offerings, but God’s grace is more than sufficient, and we have been blessed with wealth! It makes the great red dragon furious, so furious that its eyes flare with rage and it sends an army to seek our money. They come to the homes of the members of the Church of Almighty God and even dig up the floors to find our money. Are these not bandits and robbers? It’s disgraceful. They are so poor they can barely eat or clothe themselves, so they come to the Church of Almighty God to rob us. This is what the CCP government, the great red dragon, does! It’s a contemptible conspiracy!

I think introducing those aspects of the Church of Almighty God is enough for today. If any of you want to leave, and one of our members dares to stop you, he will be expelled. Curb your enthusiasm, because whoever wants to leave may go. We won’t try to stop you, we will even help you buy a ticket home if you don’t have the money and see you off. But no club can beat the faith from members of the Church of Almighty God, their faith can’t be beaten out of them. Despite the great red dragon’s wild arrests and suppression, the Church of Almighty God’s membership continues to grow faster than it shrinks. Why do I say continues to grow faster than it shrinks? Because some people fear beatings, some are cowards who are frightened out of the church, and there are also Judases, but there are also those who hear the gospel and enter the church. More enter the church than leave it, so we say membership grows faster than it shrinks. Why does the Church of Almighty God continue to thrive and grow? God’s blessings. The great red dragon’s wild suppression and persecution actually purify the Church of Almighty God. How do they purify it? If the cowards and fearful leave, but those who believe God is real and love the truth can’t be driven away no matter how hard they are persecuted, is the church not purified as a result? Many say, “We’ll believe when the great red dragon falls.” That’s no good. If you believe after the great red dragon falls, the banquet will be over, and the door of grace will be closed. You’ll be too late, because this is the backdrop against which He perfects the overcomers. That’s all I’ll say at today’s meeting. Feel free to raise any important questions you still have.

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