The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


Question 2: For some, like those of us in America, work and home life are both very busy. Sometimes I don’t read God’s word, and that makes me worry, because I feel guilty. If we believe in God, do we have to put God’s word first in all things? If we don’t put God’s word first, are we being disrespectful of God? I feel that belief in God should be a happy process, but I’ve just accepted God’s work, and I haven’t found my balance yet. At any rate, it’s not very happy. How should we balance work, home, and the church?

Answer: Life in a democratic country is busy! If you don’t make money, there are taxes you can’t pay, and you have to pay your rent, maintain your car, and pay your electric and water bills, that all takes money, so of course you have to work, don’t you? That presents a problem. It’s as if believing in God presents an extra burden, especially performing your duties. But would you be free of burdens if you didn’t believe in God? You would be just as burdened, if not more so. Some people ask, can there be a burden more tiring? I guarantee there is, because you’ll be suffering. Your days will be a struggle to feed yourself, a fight for survival, and there will be many difficulties and troubles, because the world is unfair and people are wicked, there will be many interruptions and hardships, and nothing will go smoothly. But through your belief in God and your growing understanding of the truth, you will gain wisdom and see paths, you will no longer contaminate yourself with devils, and you will be more sensible toward them, which will spare you much of your suffering, are these not practical words? What causes much of the suffering in the outside world? First, you share the environment you live in with devils. Second, you lack God’s protection and blessings, so devils always violate you. Third, you lack the truth and you lack wisdom. If you have the truth, you have wisdom. When you have the truth, you know how to deal with devils. That’s why, when you understand the truth, you also gain wisdom and God’s protection and blessings, which spares you much suffering! That’s a fact. You spare yourself so much suffering because you believe in God, you eat and drink God’s word, and you pursue the truth, which gives you spiritual comfort, and you enjoy the peace and happiness granted by God. Consider that one day, the great disaster will strike, and you will be calm. The unbelievers will lose their minds in panic and fear for the days ahead, feeling that this is the end of the world. But when the same disaster falls upon us, we believers in God will feel differently than the unbelievers. God is with us, and we have shares in the kingdom of Christ. What great comfort that knowledge affords us! Is this comfort not a happiness of the spirit? This is the truest happiness. We gain it because we, while believing in God, have understood the truth, known God, and become qualified to receive God’s promises. This spiritual happiness, comfort, and yearning is humanity’s most genuine happiness, and it cannot be gained without believing in God! So, when you say, “Believing in God is so busy, I have to make money and take care of my family, and on top of that I have to believe in God, read God’s word, and live the church life and go to meetings. It’s so much of a burden!” That’s not wrong, but how many blessings have you gained, and how many disasters and how much suffering have you averted?! Why don’t you look at that? Isn’t it less stressful from that angle? When I put it like this, do you understand? Which path is the way of blessings? Belief in God. Some brothers and sisters see the essence of the demonic world after they believe in God. They avoid interacting with its devils, they don’t rely on devils to live, they don’t need to appease or toady to devils, and as a result they lead much happier lives. As you go further down this path, your way becomes brighter, and there is more happiness in your heart, until you finally gain true blessings and happiness. What is true happiness? This is true happiness! Only those who believe in God and pursue the truth find happiness, only they have that peace, that joy, that yearning, that enjoyment, that comfort, only those who gain the truth can experience these pleasures. Do you understand? You may see believers in God as busy, but see also how great their blessings and good fortune! The unbelievers may appear idle, but they also suffer and worry, because they have no good end and no good destination, and they don’t know when they’re going to die. Today, if you accept Almighty God, you are reserving your place in God’s house, you are writing your name in the book of life. What does the “book of life” refer to? It means that those who are raptured to the feast gain the truth and life. Those in religion have not been entered in the book of life, because they have no life. What Christ brings in the last days is the way of eternal life, and if you accept Christ in the last days and receive His perfection, only then do you have a share in the book of life. Only then is your name written down inside. You have your names written in the book of life, this is an astounding spiritual joy, this is blessing beyond measure! Have the believers in Jesus earned that? No. When the sky thunders and rain falls, they’ll say, “Strange, the Lord isn’t here yet, when will He come? Is He coming? Have I been cast aside?” The more he thinks, the more afraid he becomes, because he does not have the Lord Jesus in his heart, he only knows he wants to be raptured up to heaven. He’s daydreaming! Some say, “I won’t believe at all, that believing in Jesus but not Almighty God means I won’t see the Lord come down from the clouds.” You can see. Revelation has something to say about this, “Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him” (Revelation 1:7). When He openly comes with clouds, all kindreds of the earth shall wail. Why will they wail? Because when God came hidden as the Son of Man to perfect humanity in the last days, they refused Him, accused Him, and resisted Him, so when He openly comes with clouds, they will only wail and gnash their teeth. What prophecy does this fulfill? When the Lord Jesus appeared forty days after the resurrection, what did the Lord say when he saw Thomas? “Because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29). When you see the Lord come openly on clouds, it’s too late to believe, there are no blessings to be had, you’ve been eliminated, and all that’s left for you is to wail. Some ask, “Why will the Lord Jesus come openly on clouds?” It isn’t the Lord Jesus coming openly on clouds, it’s Almighty God changing His form and returning to Zion. After the great disaster comes and passes, when everything is almost over, God will openly come on clouds, do you understand? The great disaster is almost upon us, the Lord is about to return to Zion, and the work of the incarnate flesh only happens now, this is your only chance, only these two or three decades. It’s just like the Lord Jesus’ work of redemption, which was only offered for a few years before He died and was resurrected, then ascended to heaven after forty days’ appearance. When the Lord Jesus saw Thomas after His resurrection, He said, “Because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” (John 20:29). If you refuse to believe the incarnate God is the Son of Man today, while God works in secret, if you only believe when God openly manifests, will He approve of you? The Lord said those who believe without seeing His spiritual body manifest, those who believe when He comes incarnate, like a thief in the night, are blessed.

Question 3: We are visitors from another church, and we still attend services there every Sunday. How can we transfer to the Church of Almighty God, and how should we perform our duties?

Answer: Put aside performing your duties for the moment. First, eat and drink God’s word for more days to gain some insight and understand it before you think about performing your duties. First you should eat and drink God’s word to see if you can understand, you might say, “I have a lot of notions about this, I have a lot of suspicions about this,” and in the end you might decide to leave. If you don’t have the penetration to understand this yet, wait until you’re certain you believe it, and until you have no notions or suspicions to perform your duties, alright? As to the church where you go every Sunday, don’t let them know you’re here yet, because you still haven’t put down roots here. If you let your church know, they’ll use the Bible to accuse you, and then trot out the CCP’s rumors and lies, and then when you hear them, you’ll think, “I picked the wrong church!” and go back to them. You won’t be able to hold them off, you don’t have that spiritual stature. Once you understand everything, once you have no notions or suspicions, you can make your membership here known to your original church. If you make it known now, you won’t be able to hold them off. I promise you, if you make it known now, you won’t be able to hold them off, and then will I be able to help you? Will you continue to seek the truth with us? No. All that will happen is you will fall on your knees and admit your sin, and then after a while, you won’t return to us, you’ll be impossibly lost, and you won’t be able to come back. I’ve seen quite a few people like that, people who hear my fellowship once and say, “Your meeting today has enlightened me, I believe one hundred percent of what you’ve said, I’ll go tell my church what I’ve heard today.” I say, “If you go there you won’t come back, you’ll be handing yourself to them.” They don’t believe me, and then they hand themselves to their church. Without setting down roots, you can’t refute them, so you must never make your involvement here known to religion.

Some say, “I have a few tiny doubts, should I ask my religious pastor?” That’s a question you have to ask the right person. If you ask your religious pastor, you are asking an antichrist, and he’ll take the chance to ravish you. Don’t ask your pastor. The Church of Almighty God will not force anyone, we won’t make you stay here. If you can listen, I’ll fellowship to you, but if you want to leave, I’ll see you off with a smile. No one will beat you, no one will touch a hair on your head, much less gouge out your eyes. We won’t keep a single hair on your head, and we don’t want your offerings of money. We don’t allow you to offer money. What do you think of this church? You can eat and drink God’s word for free and decide whether or not it is truth, and life, and water of the river of life that flows from the throne. Why are the Lord Jesus’ words not the way of eternal life, and not the water of the river of life that flows from the throne? Where does the fulfillment of the prophecy of Revelation begin? From God’s incarnation in the last days. The Lord Jesus came to do the work of redemption, but He did not express whole truth which purifies, saves, and gives man understanding of God, so His words can’t be called water from the river of life that flows from the throne. He can only be said to be the source of living water, because He was God Himself. The words expressed by Christ of the last days are water from the river of life that flows from the throne, which is the complete truth expressed by God in the last days during the work of purifying, saving, and perfecting mankind; this is mankind’s first chance since creation to hear so many words. In Revelation it says, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches,” and this is what it refers to, all the words expressed by Almighty God in the last days.

Wait until you understand before you make it known. Don’t make it known now. Your stature is still too small, you won’t be able to hold them off. And don’t try to show off, I’ve seen plenty of people boast and then never come back. Some of them said, “Going back to my church and believing in Jesus is also right, isn’t it?” And what happens to them? If you go back to believing in Jesus, you’ll be destined for hell, and that’s the end. In the Bible, what did the Lord Jesus say in accusation of the Pharisees? “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, you make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves” (Matthew 23:15). They brought people into religion rather than before God, and the moment people entered their religion, they were destined for hell. Joining the Church of Almighty God doesn’t mean joining a religion, it means being raptured up into God’s presence, raptured before the throne! There are no true churches in the religious world, they do not possess the throne of God, so by joining their sects, you condemn yourself to hell, and you lose all chance at receiving God’s salvation. Do you understand?

And there’s something else! Jesus came to do the work of the Age of Grace, and if you had said, “I accept the grace of redemption, but I also abide by the law,” what would Jesus have said? Would He have approved of you? What mistake is this? Rebellion against God! This is someone who cannot obey God! If you believe in God, you must be obedient to God’s work today to be after God’s heart. The work of the past is outdated, dead history, and it doesn’t count with God. It’s been eliminated. God judges man’s sins, perfects and saves him according to this stage of work, and not that stage, because that stage has been eliminated, do you understand? If you read the words God speaks today, the Spirit of Jesus is with you; if you continue to read what Jesus said in the past, He will reject you and hate you. He will say you can’t keep up with God’s work in the present, and He will call you rebellious and a hypocrite. If you say, “I will not offend Jehovah, I will not offend the Lord Jesus, and I will not offend Almighty God,” then you offend them all, you will achieve nothing and gain nothing. Do you understand? There is only one God, and that is Almighty God. Almighty God is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, and the Spirit of Jehovah, do you lack the penetration to see this? If you keep moving your faith among them, and end up believing in three Gods, then you’ve made a mistake, you’ve taken the wrong path, you are resisting and profaning God, and you do not understand God. There is only one God. God’s name in the Age of Kingdom is Almighty God, in the Age of Law it was Jehovah, and in the Age of Grace it was the Lord Jesus, but they are all the same God and the same Spirit. If you believe in Almighty God, read Almighty God’s words, and after three or five years, or seven or eight years of reading them, everything will make sense, and you will completely understand the Lord Jesus’ and Jehovah’s words as well, because you will know that Jehovah, Jesus, and Almighty God are one. Read at your leisure, and you’ll understand everything when you’re finished. If you haven’t read enough, nothing I say to you will be of use. It’s about the effort you put in.

Alright, that’s enough fellowship for today. Goodbye! And may God bless you!

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