The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


There are now many brothers and sisters who have just turned from the religion, who have believed in the Lord for many years, and some of them have believed in the Lord Jesus their entire lives. When they first read the Bible, they said: “What the Bible says is good, what the Bible says is so good.” Now they look at the words of Almighty God, and they say: “Even better, they are even clearer than the words in the Bible. Those truths that I didn’t understand when reading the Bible, they are being explained so clear and bright here. Oh, the word of Almighty God is so good.” Each step of God’s work achieves a certain result. The work from the Age of Law had achieved a certain result. What result? To let people know that Jehovah is the Creator, that they must worship Jehovah. That they must not worship the fake god, they must not worship idols, that they must observe the Sabbath. Furthermore, since all men were corrupt, even though they worshiped Jehovah, even though they observed the commandments, laws and decrees of Jehovah, they would still inevitably commit many sins, and what should they do about those sins? There were provisions during the Age of Law – there were sin offerings, burnt offerings, and other sacrifices. There were these laws and commandments from God to observe during the Age of Law. In addition, it allowed people to identify only Jehovah as the Creator, that there is no other God other than Jehovah. This is the result achieved through the work from the Age of Law. Is that not the case? What about the Age of Grace? Once the Lord Jesus arrived and became the sin offering, all people who believed in the Lord Jesus were forgiven all their sins. As long as we prayed in the name of the Lord Jesus, we could immediately enjoy peace and joy from God, as well as enjoy endless grace and blessings. Some of the people with illnesses prayed, and their illnesses were cured; if there were any disasters, people just prayed and the disasters subsided; if people had any difficulties, they prayed, and with God’s blessing, the difficulties were resolved. So, what did the Age of Grace achieve? It fulfilled the law. People no longer had to make this and that offering, they no longer had to observe those laws, they only had to believe in the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the one true God, and He is the appearance of Jehovah. God gives salvation to men one step at a time. He would not give us a burden too heavy to bear, therefore this work done by the Lord Jesus perfected the Age of Law, and these results were achieved.

What about the Age of Kingdom, what issues has God’s work in the last days resolved? What issues have been left over from the Age of Grace that have yet to be resolved? What issues have been left over from the Age of Law that have yet to be resolved? During the Age of Law, all these people who believed in Jehovah, they never saw the face of Jehovah, and this is a big issue, is this not? There is another issue: all these sins and offerings, with sins that go on and on, how can we put a stop to this? It seems an enormous obstacle – how come we continue to sin, continue to live in sin? Why are we not able to observe the law? In the end, the Age of Law achieved a result: “We have sinned severely, we are unable to observe the law. God, please save us from the bondage and yoke of law. Otherwise we shall all perish under the law, otherwise we shall all be condemned by the law.” God listened to the prayers of the Israelites: “Good, then I will incarnate as Jesus – a God full of love and grace, to become the sin offering for you. From here on, your sins shall be forgiven once you believe in the Lord Jesus, and you no longer have to make this and that offering.” This saved us much trouble. Is there any difference between seeing the incarnate God and seeing the God up in the heavens? Yes. The results being achieved are different. Who did Jehovah manifest Himself to? Who saw the face of Jehovah? God has never manifested Himself to anyone, even Moses only saw His back, is that right? Then, someone says: “How come God’s Spirit does not appear directly to us?” Is there an answer to this question? Maybe someone would say: “God is a Spirit. We are unable to see the Spirit, we are flesh and blood, and we shall perish once we see the Spirit.” Is this correct? That is just the case, we cannot see the Spirit. If God has manifested His Spirit to anyone, then that person shall perish without doubt. God does not manifest His spiritual body to men; men shall perish once it has been manifested to men, and men cannot bear that. The great light that God has created – the sun, are men able to go near it? Even the places on earth closest to the Equator, people there die simply from the heat during the day, not to mention approaching the Spirit of God. Men cannot go near Him, we shall perish once we get close, we shall become ashes. However, God has come up with a better way for men to know Him. What is this better way? That is to become flesh, then manifest Himself to us and talk to us. Someone says, when God becomes flesh, the image of the flesh does not represent the true self of God, the true image of God. This is also correct. However, do remember, the work of God incarnate is not to allow us to see His image; the main purpose is that God incarnate can express God’s disposition, all that God has and is, and the essence of God’s life, allowing us to have a real knowledge of God in God’s words. If we have real knowledge of God’s disposition, the essence of God’s life, all that God has and is, as well as God’s wisdom and omnipotence, what obvious results can this bring us? It will allow us to know God, is that right? After we know God, our life disposition begins to change, we gain real knowledge of God. All of this notion and that notion, the various notions and imaginations that we have of God shall be all gone, they shall all become actual knowledge, we shall say “I have come face to face with God,” and this result will have been achieved. Listening to me saying these words today, have you gained some knowledge of me? Someone says: “I don’t even see what you look like, how can I know you?” Does this make sense? I am conversing with you like this, I am fellowshipping with you like this, I am answering your questions like this, and as time goes on, can you know my personality, and understand my personal points of view? Such a result can be achieved. If we continue to eat and drink God’s words, continue to pray to and commune with God’s Spirit, understanding more and more of God’s words, can we gain real knowledge of God’s disposition, of all that God has and is? We most certainly can. Is that not right? Then tell me, to know God, is it better to see the real face of God, or is it better to know God’s disposition and all that God has and is? Which one is more important, more precious? Some say that to know God’s disposition is more important. Have you seen this clearly now? If you should truly see God’s face, God’s spiritual body, God’s real image, can you attain real knowledge of God’s disposition? Does it mean that you know God’s disposition? That might not be the result. Of course, you can achieve certain results. However, God does not work in such a manner, and even if God does work in such a manner, Satan will not be convinced, and Satan shall accuse. Therefore, God becomes flesh to let us experience His words, to allow us to commune with God through His words, to experience His words, to practice His words, and ultimately through the understanding of truth, to attain the knowledge of God. In this way, we shall attain the results of complete salvation, purification and perfection. If we simply eat and drink God’s word, attain knowledge of God, get rid of our corrupt disposition, and become a holy person, this will shame Satan even more. Simply by speaking and uttering His voice, God shall cleanse these people, perfect them, and let them know God. Is this not a better representation of God’s omnipotence? Therefore, God working in this manner is the most effective way in humiliating Satan, and this is the most beneficial way in saving us, perfecting us. God works in this way, which ultimately shall carry out God’s will in its entirety, perfecting a group of people, and this is the most potent evidence in shaming Satan.

Now, when you witness Almighty God to many people in religion, what do they say? “The Lord Jesus that we believe in is the true God, there is only one true God. It’s not right for you to witness Almighty God.” Is what they say correct? What they say has no truth. These foolish words that they speak, do they not show that these people walk the same path the Israelites had gone down, and made the same mistake the Israelites had made? The Israelites thought, “We believe in Jehovah; Jehovah’s name will never change. Why are you now preaching Jesus? This is not right. Jehovah’s name never changes, there is no true God other than Jehovah.” The Israelites were very loyal to the name of Jehovah. And then Jesus came. They did not acknowledge Him or accept Him, they even crucified Him. This brought great woe to them. This is called believing in God but not knowing God, believing in God yet betraying God. The sin has been committed. Is this not a failure in the belief in God? What about those who believe in the Lord Jesus during the Age of Grace? When the Lord Jesus has arrived in the name of Almighty God, they do not acknowledge Him; not acknowledging, not accepting, even condemning Him, and ultimately crucifying God once again. This is done by those who believe in the Lord during the Age of Grace. Is not the path that they go down also the path that the Jewish Israelites had gone down? Nowadays, there are so many pastors and elders in the religious world who do not accept Almighty God. They say, “The name of the Lord Jesus has not changed yesterday, it is still the same today, and it will never change for all eternity.” They observe these words of the Bible as classic rules, and no one is able to convince them otherwise. Look at these pastors and elders in the religious world, aren’t they the same as those Pharisees from Israel? They have made the same mistake, going down the same path. Therefore, are these people not resisting God? If you only believe in the Lord Jesus, yet do not acknowledge the second-coming of the Lord Jesus, will you still be blessed by the Lord Jesus? Are you still entitled to the promises of the Lord Jesus? The Lord Jesus said, “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess to them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity” (Matthew 7:22-23). Why does the Lord Jesus say that He never knew them? That is because they do not acknowledge the Lord Jesus, therefore the Lord Jesus also does not acknowledge them. Once the Lord Jesus has changed His name to Almighty God, they no longer acknowledge Him. Tell me, do these people know the Lord Jesus? The Israelites believed in Jehovah, but when Jehovah was incarnated as the Lord Jesus, they didn’t acknowledge Him, even crucified Him, and in the end incurred the curse of God.

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