The Most Blessed Are Those Who Accept and Obey God’s Word


When the Israelites were cursed, God casted them out to different nations, handed them over to be massacred by Satan, handed them over to be massacred by the devil Hitler. Millions of them perished. In two thousand years, the Israelites continued to be massacred. Do you think that all Israelites had done evil? Did they have no pious men? Were those all bad people? Did they all have a bad human nature? Were there no good people among them? There were so many good people. However, they were cursed by God, therefore the good and the bad all must perish. Someone says, those who survived, what are they like? God has His own arrangements, but you cannot say that those who perished are all bad. That is not always true. Looking from God’s point of view, if you do not know God, then you are resisting God, you must perish, and you must be punished. Many people who do not know God seem like good people to us. Then why do disasters visit people that we think are good? If you do not know God, then in God’s eyes, you are all resisting God; if you do not accept God’s second coming and do not acknowledge God’s second coming, you are all against God. If you do not accept the second coming of the Lord Jesus, then no matter how pious you are, no matter how many good deeds you have performed, you still do not know God, you are still rebelling against God, and you shall be eliminated. Therefore, no matter whether these people are good or bad, so long as they do not accept Almighty God, they all shall perish in the end. How does that sound to you? Do you want to make a bet? We have all read the word of God. Look at God’s word, is that what God has said? If you believe in God yet do not believe in the word of God, then this belief of yours is too impure. If you believe in God yet do not believe in God’s word, can we call you the unbelievers? Such people are called the unbelievers. Then what is your belief like? Do you only believe in the existence of God, or do you also believe in the word of God, or do you believe that God’s words will be fulfilled? Which is your belief? You believe in God, if you can believe that God is righteous, holy, almighty, and is the master of all, then this is the true belief. Can your belief reach such a level? It is probably not up to this level. The belief of those in the religious world is only a belief that acknowledges the existence of God, acknowledging that the Lord Jesus was once an incarnate God. Yet the Lord Jesus had gone to the heavens a long time ago, and they fail to accept Him when He comes back after going to the heavens; therefore, they no longer have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, and the Lord Jesus is no longer the source of their life, is that not the case? Therefore, the Lord Jesus said, “And then one day, you come looking for me, wanting to go to court with me, saying, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out devils? and in your name done many wonderful works?’ And then will I profess to them, I never knew you.” Where does this “I never knew you” come from? Because you do not acknowledge His name when the Lord Jesus has arrived. The Spirit of Almighty God is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, and the Spirit of Jehovah. Jehovah incarnated into flesh as the Lord Jesus the first time, and Jehovah incarnated into flesh as Almighty God the second time, is this not the work of the same Spirit? They are the same Spirit. If you only acknowledge the flesh and not the Spirit, you are blind! Look at the words of Almighty God, is there any conflict with the words of the Lord Jesus? Is there any conflict with the words of Jehovah? Not even a little. These are the utterances of one Spirit. If you cannot see this clearly, yet you still say that you believe Almighty God is the second-coming of the Lord Jesus, then these are empty words with no truth.

Someone else says, “I read that Almighty God has said anyone that is not in this stream shall all turn to ashes. This is impossible. There are many pious people from the various denominations and sects, they all love God so much, how can they be destroyed by God? They will certainly be blessed by God, therefore what has been said is not right.” Who can see the problem in this? Are these not God’s words? If you acknowledge that these are God’s words, then every word of God will come true. “The heavens and earth may be discarded, but not a single letter of my words may be discarded.” Do you have this confidence? If you have this confidence, then you shall dare to believe in these words; if you do not have this confidence, then you will never believe. True faith only comes from true confidence in the word of God. If you have no confidence in the word of God, yet you say that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus, then this is not realistic. Has the Lord Jesus ever said that whoever keeps His name and is pious shall enter the kingdom of heaven? He has not said these words, and you will not find any basis for them. Now, there are many people who have read many words spoken by Almighty God. They only acknowledge a part of them, and they still have many notions and doubts about the words of Almighty God. Can such people easily accept the truth? They do not accept the word of God. God’s words have been spoken so, in black and white, yet they do not accept them. They also say, “These are not God’s words. Other words I acknowledge, those other words I accept, those other words I agree with, but I deny these words. I am against these words.” Is this real faith? Are you not denying God’s words with your eyes wide open?

Now, some people are unable to completely accept God’s word. Do you not think that this is a serious issue? You are unable to obey God, you do not believe that God’s words are spoken by God and will be fulfilled, so can you obey God? Therefore, if you dare to deny God’s words, if you always have notions regarding God’s words, and you are always interpreting God’s words through your own notions and imaginations, is this not resisting God? If a person has a good human nature, doesn’t do bad things, helping the elders and children, giving to the poor, having done many good deeds, keeping a good reputation everywhere, yet he denies God’s words, yet he keeps having notions regarding God, yet he is unable to obey, unable to accept, is such a person resisting God? If you don’t believe this, think, those people who crucified the Lord Jesus, had they done other bad things, had they robbed other people, had they harmed others? They might not have done any of such things. They were all quite pious, always interpreting the Bible, obeying the law and the rules. They were cursed simply because they resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus, they had committed no other sins. Tell me, are they wicked people who resisted God? They had done no evil deeds, but simply because they resisted the Lord Jesus, they were cursed by God. Can we say that God is a righteous God? Some people have notions regarding God, “God, how could You curse all these pious people? They were not bad. All they did was not accepting You, not believing in You, not acknowledging You. Other than that, they had done no wrong. Why must You condemn them?” Actually, this one sin is worse than any other sin. So long as you have committed this fatal sin, even if you have no other sin, you shall still perish. Because you have committed the most critical sin, the sin of blaspheming God, you shall not be forgiven in this life or the next, regardless of how well you have performed in other things. Is that not the case? This matter witnessed the righteous disposition of God. God does not allow people to offend Him, anyone who resists Him must perish. It is suicidal to resist God, and just this one sin shall be the end of you. Now there are some people who are standing up for the religious people, “Oh, these people are so pious, these people love the Lord. These people are the best Christians. Even if they are unable to accept Almighty God, they do not deserve to die. The Lord is merciful and compassionate, they should be forgiven.” Is this right? To you, these are devout Christians. Yet to God, these are Pharisees who are hypocrites, they are in trouble. Why is there such a big difference between the viewpoint of man and the viewpoint of God? Why do they not understand God’s will?

The most taboo subject when believing in God is the notions and imaginations of people. Always using people’s notions and imaginations to judge God, to doubt God, this is the most serious resistance to God. How do people resist God? Do they not use their notions and imaginations? No one is using cannons to resist God. The resistance of God is done through our notions and imaginations; using Satan’s heresies and fallacies to judge God, doubt God, inciting the masses to abandon God, rebel against God, these are the worst sins in resisting God. Who has committed these worst sins in resisting God? Those hypocritical Pharisees did so, the priests and elders of the religious world have also done so. When one day the disasters finally come upon us, when the earthquake arrives, the Christian church buildings should come crashing down, many Christians will be performing their worship in that moment, and they shall all be destroyed. How would a person with notions of God pray? He would most certainly say: “Lord, how come these devout people have all died? Are they not in Your hand? Why did You not save them? I weep for them. God, You are merciful and compassionate, why did You not deliver them from disasters, from calamity, from the hands of the evil one?” What kind of a prayer is this? This is a prayer that questions God, a prayer that resists God, a prayer that is a blasphemy to God. Questioning God! There is a video on the internet, it talks about a sister, the topic regarding her trip to Heaven. She visited the Heaven, the Lord then brought her on a tour of Hell. She saw the people crying and wailing in Hell, how pitiful they were. Once the ghosts in Hell saw a person there, their hands started coming up, and they said, “Please save me, save me, save me…” They kept on yelling such words, and she began to pity them, and she said, “Lord, they are suffering so, why do You stand there and not save them? Lord, what is happening? I don’t understand the sins that these people have committed to offend You. You condemn them to Hell, let them suffer like this, so pitiful, how can You bear this? I am unable to bear this!” What do you think of these words? You hear her say such things, and think that: “This person is kind, this person is holy, she is better than the Lord.” You would think that she is holy, that she is kind, that she is better than the Lord, is that what this feels like? The significance behind these words is that: Lord, You are not righteous, You are unjust! These are all good people, they are so pitiful, why do You not save them? Why did You condemn them to Hell? This way, she has become the holy Lord, she is the one with compassion, she is the one that is merciful to man, is that not what this means? Then tell me, someone who says such things, does she know the Lord? This is the true hypocrite! Using the words of pagans, what do they say about her? That she is showing off, thinking that she is above everyone else, is that not right? Is this a little evil? This is true evil. You are holier than the Lord? Is the Lord wrong? What qualifies you to question the Lord? If you are truly mindful of the Lord’s will, you would be saying this instead, “Lord, these people must be ones who do not believe in God, and they must be consummate evil doers.” The Lord says, “That is for certain, of course this is the case.” “I praise the Lord, the Lord is righteous, and this is how they should be punished.” This is a good way to put it. This is what a man should say.

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