19 The Kingdom’s Vistas Are Always Like New


A morning glow shines from the East; the Savior has returned among mankind.

The kingdom life has begun, and all things have a new spark of life.

Dawn has arrived; the light spreads before our eyes, and millennia of hopes have finally come to fruition.

All those painful days and nights, those years of bleakness, are with us no more.


Flowers bloom, spilling their fragrance, and larks sing out.

God’s people preach and testify to the Son of man’s coming, all giving voice to their sentiments.

Pray devoutly, sing out loudly, fall before the throne, and give praise to God!

Brothers from afar, and sisters from around the world, let us celebrate together!


Almighty God, Christ of the last days, has appeared in the flesh to do His work amongst mankind.

He expresses the truth to judge humanity; His words purify and perfect a group of people.

God’s words nourish our hearts; eating and drinking those words brings provision to our lives.

You devote yourself in earnest, and I put forth all my effort; together, with one heart and mind, we love God.


Who would not covet entry to the life of the Age of Kingdom? Who would not yearn for it?

Through judgment, our corruption is purified; we are grateful, and praise God.

God’s words, carrying authority and power, have led us to victory over Satan.

All God’s people are loyally fulfilling their duties to satisfy God’s will.

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