18 The Trumpet Call of Judgment Has Sounded


God has appeared and He has spoken, rocking all denominations.

He has expressed the truth, He judges unrighteousness and defeats all enemies.

All nations worship Him, all peoples surrender before Him, praising God’s deeds.

The stars in the sky line up neatly to joyfully welcome God’s return.

The people on earth acclaim God’s gaining of the kingdom and His descent.


People of all nations seek God’s voice and return before His throne.

We submit to God’s judgment and are cleansed, fear and admiration spring up in our hearts.

We offer up our entire beings, bearing witness to Christ and completing our missions.

God is now King, His words rule among us.

All peoples bow before God and worship Him, in praise of His holy name.


God is majesty, God is wrath, He tolerates no human’s offense.

Satan and the devils are in the throes of death calling out from amidst the flames.

China, this place of devils, is destroyed by God, revealing God’s righteousness.

God’s chosen people undergo hardships and bear victorious testimonies for God.

We praise God who has defeated Satan and made a group of overcomers.


God’s words have spread to every corner of the earth, the kingdom is here.

The Sun of righteousness illuminates the world, all things are made anew.

The truth of God’s words rules on earth, God has completely triumphed.

God’s words accomplish all, His great work has been completed.

His people will eternally sing the praises of His righteousness and holiness.

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