26 Sing the Praise of Almighty God


Almighty God, lovable God, we sing the praise of You forever.

You are the one true God who has appeared in the flesh, the Savior who has come with glory.

You are the One who has been speaking and working, bringing humanity to today.

To redeem and cleanse humanity, You have twice been incarnated in flesh.

You have suffered much persecution and pain, endured great humiliation and been rejected by this evil age.

The painstaking price You have paid has long ago fully manifested Your love.

From Your words we see Your deeds and know Your loveliness.

Your righteousness, Your holiness and Your will are all revealed to us.

Your words conquer and save us, You are worthy of man’s eternal love.

Oh, Almighty God, we love You and sing Your praises always!


Almighty God, lovable God, we sing the praise of You forever.

It is You who express the truth and save us, that we may live in Your presence.

You have poured the life truth into the world, watering and supplying us with Your words.

After experiencing and practicing Your words, we understand the truth and we grow in our lives.

Your words judge and purify our corruption, and we become new men.

You are the truth, the way, and the life. You are our amiable and venerable beloved.

I want to use my song to praise You, praise Your righteous disposition.

I want to use my dance to show my love and tribute to You.

We’ll always exalt You and testify to You, praising Your wisdom and almightiness.

You have defeated Satan and completely saved us; You have fully gained glory.

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