25 We Give Praise and Sing to God


We hear God’s voice and turn toward Him, following the footsteps of the Lamb.

We attend Christ’s feast, eating and drinking God’s words every day.

We bask in the watering and sustenance of God’s words and our spirits gain new life.

The Holy Spirit enlightens us to understand the truth and we know the practical God.

The life of the kingdom is rich without compare, God Himself guides and shepherds us.

We practice the truth and fulfill our duties, our hearts are at peace and at ease.

Breaking away from Satan is so freeing, we can now live before God.

All of this is God’s elevation and grace, who could be more blessed than we?


Through judgment, trials, and refinement, our satanic dispositions are being cleansed.

Knowing God’s righteous disposition, we fear God and shun evil in our hearts.

Through persecution and hardship God’s words always lead the way.

Our faith has been made perfect, we stand firm in our witness and see God’s love.

We’ve received God’s great salvation, we sing songs of praise to God.

Praise be to His righteous, holy disposition; God is so worthy of man’s eternal love.

Praise be to the wisdom and almightiness of God’s work, He has conquered and gained a group of people.

God’s people love and submit to God from the heart, we will worship Him into eternity.

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