70 Praise God With a God-loving Heart


We gather together to eat, drink and enjoy God’s words; we truly enjoy the Holy Spirit’s work.

We think of God, pray-read and have fellowship, we meditate, contemplate and seek from God.

We practice and experience God’s words, understanding the truth feels so sweet.

Casting off our corruption sets our spirits free and we taste God’s love that is so real.

The church life is wonderful, and praise can take many forms.

We can’t help but sing out and dance in praise of God.

There are no rules or constraints, sincere praise makes us joyful.

Living in God’s presence brings true happiness, and we praise God with a God-loving heart.


We gather together to eat and drink God’s words; we truly enjoy the Holy Spirit’s work.

By fellowshipping on the truth and sharing experiences, our lives progress together.

We all possess God-loving hearts and we do our duty with one heart and mind.

We practice the truth and seek to be honest people; we see God’s blessings and leadership.

Through God’s judgment, we are cleansed, and we see God is so righteous.

We cast off our corruption and are made anew, we live out the likeness of honest people.

We worship God with heart and honesty, basking in the life of the kingdom.

Seeing God’s salvation is so great, we praise God with a God-loving heart.


We’ve followed God all along the way and we have gone through so many hardships.

The CCP’s frantic suppression and persecution are so hateful.

Christ is by our side through all hardships. He’s tasted every joy and sorrow.

Our God-loving hearts do not waver, and this is totally because of the guidance of God’s words.

The painstaking price God has paid for our salvation cannot be measured.

God lives amongst us, He has guided us until this day.

This beautiful time, this beautiful life, they are so unforgettable.

We’ll always love God and submit to Him, and we praise God with a God-loving heart.

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