313 We Are So Happy Living in God’s House


Through experiencing judgment, we are cleansed and come to live before God.

We feel so cheerful, our joy is unmatched, and we are filled with faith.

We cast off worldly entanglements and dark influences.

We enjoy God’s words every day, and live happy and sweet lives.

We live by God’s words in His presence, which pleases Him.

There is no falseness, no philosophies for worldly dealings, no fleshly relationships.

There are principles to how we interact with others; we live out the reality of God’s words.

Without any regulations or doctrines, we live in a world of freedom.


Today we gather together in God’s house, cheering and laughing.

We open up in a pure way and talk heart-to-heart; there’re no longer barriers between us.

We compare our love for God, and sing the most beautiful song.

Praising God is a joy; life in the kingdom is truly wonderful.

Living in God’s house, we enjoy an incomparable bounty.

We eat, drink, and enjoy God’s words, and experience His work.

We understand the truth, possess principles, and have a path to follow in everything.

I’m fortunate to know Almighty God; my life is so cheerful.

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