312 The Millennial Kingdom: God’s Aim


Almighty God, Christ of the last days, expresses His words to judge and save man.

He makes a group of overcomers, and thoroughly defeats Satan.

He chose us to be His people, and made us complete first.

On earth, we are of one mind with God, and have become a manifestation of God.

The great disasters have already begun to descend, the gospel is spreading,

Plague and famine extend across the world, compelling people to seek the true way.

God’s words have spread across the world, conquering all the people of the earth.

All nations and places, all religions and denominations, will surrender before God.


The kingdom’s prospects are bright and boundless, a passionate scene appears.

All nations and peoples come to seek the true way, and worship Almighty God.

They acknowledge Him with words and believe with their hearts, praising His holy name.

The greatest and supreme Almighty is worthy of honor and glory.

The Millennial Kingdom is realized on earth, and God’s will is done.

God’s words fill the universe world, and all things are cleansed.

Every person walks in the light, and accepts the guidance of God’s words.

The incarnate Almighty God wields power and reigns as King on earth.

How could we not cheer? How could we not praise Him and sing?

We praise Almighty God’s deeds; they are truly wonderful and inscrutable.

God’s words are all the truth; they are accomplished and fulfilled one after another.

We bear witness to the universe world: God’s great work has been completed!

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