Brilliant Variety Shows of The Church of Almighty God—True Presentations of Christians’ Experiences

June 29, 2018


In March 2018, The Church of Almighty God’s website and YouTube channel rolled out a special series called “Church Life—Variety Show Series,” that includes short sketches, crosstalk, scene plays, songs and dance performances etc., and in which Christians present their understanding, attainment, and all kinds of testimonies of their experiences of God’s work in the last days using various different art forms. In this program, we interview the actors as well as Christian viewers of the shows and, through sharing their experiences, the audience can understand how Christians in The Church of Almighty God experience God’s work of the last days, and can also follow closely the salvation of the last days brought by the return of the Lord Jesus—Almighty God.


Some of the material is from:

ESO/J. Emerson/VISTA

NASA, ESA, Digitized Sky Survey 2, N. Risinger (

ESA/Hubble, NASA, Digitized Sky Survey, N. Risinger (


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