892 Those Who God Will Save Are Foremost in His Heart


God considers this instance of His management of mankind,

of His salvation of mankind, as more important than anything else.

He does these things not only with His mind, not only with His words,

and certainly not with a casual attitude—

He does all of these things with a plan,

with a goal, with standards, and with His will.

It’s clear that this work to save mankind

holds great significance for both God and man.

No matter how difficult the work is, no matter how great the obstacles are,

no matter how weak humans are, or how deep mankind’s rebelliousness is,

none of this is difficult for God.

God keeps Himself busy, expending His painstaking effort

and managing the work He Himself wants to carry out.

He is also arranging everything

and exercising His sovereignty over all those people on whom He will work

and all the work He wants to complete—

none of this has ever been done before.

This is the first time God has used these methods

and paid such a great price

for this major project of managing and saving mankind.


While God is carrying out this work,

little by little He is expressing and releasing to mankind,

without reservation, His painstaking effort, what He has and is,

His wisdom and almightiness, and every aspect of His disposition.

He releases and expresses these things as He has never done before.

So, in the entire universe,

aside from the people who God aims to manage and save,

there have never been any creatures so close to God,

that have had such an intimate relationship with Him.

In His heart, mankind, which He wants to manage and save, is most important;

He values this mankind above all else,

He values this mankind above all else.

Even though He has paid a great price for them,

and even though He is continually hurt and rebelled against by them,

He never gives up on them and continues tirelessly in His work,

with no complaints or regrets,

because He knows that sooner or later,

people will awaken to His call and be moved by His words,

recognize that He is the Lord of creation, and return to His side …

from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III

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