895 God’s Intentions for Mankind Will Never Change


God has been in this world for many years, but who knows Him?

It is no wonder God chastises people, no wonder God chastises people.

It seems they are the objects on which to exercise God’s authority;

it seems that they are bullets in His gun,

which, having been fired, will all “escape.”

People imagine it so.

God has always respected humans, God has always respected humans;

He has never arbitrarily exploited them or traded them like slaves.

This is because God cannot leave them, nor can they leave Him.

Thus, a bond of life and death has formed between God and people.


God has always cherished mankind.

Although mankind has never cherished God, they have always looked to Him,

which is why God continues to expend efforts on them.

God loves people like His own treasure,

because they are the “capital” of His management on earth;

God therefore will certainly not cast them out.

His intentions toward humans will never change.

Can they truly trust in God’s oath?

Can they truly trust in God’s oath?

How can they satisfy God for His sake?

This is the task that has been set for all mankind;

it is the “homework” God has assigned them.

It is God’s hope they will all work hard to complete it.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 35

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