1014 The Beauty of the Kingdom


“God moves above all men and is watching everywhere.

Nothing ever looks old, and no person is as he used to be.

God rests upon the throne, He reclines above the whole universe….”

This is the outcome of God’s present work.

All of God’s chosen people return to their original form,

because of which the angels,

who have suffered for so many years, are released,

just as God says

“their faces are like that of the holy one within man’s heart.”

Because the angels work on earth and serve God on earth,

and because God’s glory spreads across the world,

heaven is brought to earth, and the earth is lifted up to heaven.

Therefore, man is the link that connects heaven and earth;

heaven and earth are no longer apart,

no longer separated, but connected as one,

no longer separated, but connected as one.


Throughout the world, only God and man exist.

There is no dust or dirt, and all things are renewed,

like a little lamb lying in a green grassland beneath the sky,

enjoying all of God’s grace,

enjoying all of God’s grace.

And it’s because of the arrival of greenness that the breath of life shines forth,

for God comes to the world to live alongside man for all eternity,

just as it was said from God’s mouth

that “I can peacefully reside within Zion once again.”

This is the symbol of Satan’s defeat,

it’s the day of God’s rest,

and this day shall be extolled, proclaimed, and remembered by all people.

When God is at rest upon the throne,

that’s also the time when God concludes His work on earth,

and it’s the very moment

that all of God’s mysteries are shown to man;

God and man will be forever in harmony, never apart—

such are the beautiful scenes of the kingdom!

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Interpretations of the Mysteries of “God’s Words to the Entire Universe”, Chapter 16

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