1011 God Decides People’s Outcomes According to Their Essence


If a person is ultimately able to survive,

it’s because they have met God’s requirements;

if they’re ultimately unable to remain till the time of rest,

it’s because they have been rebellious against God

and have not satisfied God’s requirements.

Everyone has a suitable destination.

These destinations are determined according to each individual’s essence,

and have absolutely nothing to do with other people.


A child’s evil act cannot be transferred to their parents,

nor can a child’s righteousness be shared with their parents.

A parent’s evil act cannot be transferred to their children,

nor can a parent’s righteousness be shared with their children.

Everyone bears their respective sins, and enjoys their respective blessings.

No one can be a substitute for another person;

this is righteousness, this is righteousness.

No one can bear the sins of another, no one can bear the sins of another;

even more so, no one can receive punishment in another’s stead.

This is absolute.


In the end, doers of righteousness are doers of righteousness,

and evildoers are evildoers.

The doers of righteousness will eventually be allowed to survive,

while the evildoers will be destroyed.

The holy are holy; they are not filthy.

The filthy are filthy, and not one part of them is holy,

not one part of them is holy.

The people who will be destroyed are all the evil ones,

and the ones who will survive are all the righteous—

even if the children of the evil ones perform righteous deeds,

and even if the parents of the righteous ones do evil deeds.


There is no relationship between a believing husband and an unbelieving wife,

and there is no relationship

between believing children and unbelieving parents;

these two types of people are incompatible.

Prior to entering into rest, one has physical relatives,

but once one has entered into rest,

one will no longer have any physical relatives to speak of.

Those who do their duty are enemies of those who do not,

are enemies of those who do not;

those who love God and those who hate Him are in opposition,

are in opposition to one another.

Those who will enter into rest and those who will have been destroyed

are two incompatible types of created beings,

two incompatible types of created beings.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together

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