1009 Those Who Do Not Follow God’s Way Must Be Punished


God is impartial toward all men,

and judge all men with His righteous disposition,

yet there are suitable conditions to the requirements He makes of man,

and that which He requires must be accomplished by all men,

regardless of who they are.

God cares not how your qualifications are, or how long you have held them;

He cares only whether you follow His way,

and whether or not you love and thirst for the truth.

If you lack the truth, and instead bring shame upon God’s name,

and do not act according to His way,

merely following without care or concern,

then at that time God will strike you down and punish you for your evil,

and what will you have to say then?

Will you be able to say that God is not righteous?

Today, if you have complied with the words God has spoken,

then you are the kind of person whom He approves.


You say you have always suffered whilst following God,

that you have followed Him through thick and thin,

and have shared with Him the good times and the bad,

but you haven’t lived out the words spoken by God;

you wish only to run about for God and expend yourself for God each day,

and you’ve never thought to live out a life of meaning.

You also say, “In any case, I believe God is righteous.

I’ve suffered, run around, and devoted myself for Him,

and I’ve worked hard despite not receiving any recognition;

He is sure to remember me.”

It’s true that God is righteous,

yet this righteousness is untainted by any impurities:

It contains no human will, it contains no human will,

and it’s not tainted by the flesh, or by human transactions.

All who are rebellious and in opposition,

all who are not in compliance with His way, will be punished;

none is forgiven, and none is spared!

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment

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